What theme do you use for your blog?

I use the Sight theme.

What camera do you use to take your photos?
I use a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V digital camera. As of December 14, 2013, I have been using a Nikon D5100. Photos with time/date stamps are most likely taken using the Sony.

What app or program do you use to edit your photos?
For my Instagram photos I use two apps on my iPhone: Aviary (for filters and effects), and PhotoCollage (for frames and collages). For photos directly uploaded onto my laptop I use iPhoto and/or Adobe Photoshop CS6.

What camera do you use to film your videos?
I use the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V digital camera when filming while traveling, and Final Cut Pro to edit. As of December 14, 2013, I have been using a Nikon D5100 and a Rode VideoMic for stationary filming (i.e. room vlogs).

What made you start this blog?
When I started college in 2011 I decided to create a blog to document all of my experiences (both fun and otherwise) during my four years here at Colorado College. This would be the longest time I spent away from home back in the Philippines, and I wanted my family and friends to be kept updated on my life. Skype was great, but I thought that fitting an hour-long video call into my presumably busy schedule would be difficult (and it still is!). I originally wanted to start a vlog channel, but I was too shy to talk in front of a camera and decided that writing would be the best outlet. So in August 2011 “andieatcollege”   was created.

Why did you call your blog “andieatcollege”?
I called my blog andieatcollege because it described what I wanted my blog to be about – my four years at Colorado College. To borrow my tagline, “four years of studying, eating, and traveling”, not necessarily in that order! Unfortunately I discovered later on that WordPress does not allow URL changes, so after I graduate in May 2015 I will keep this blog up and decide on whether or not to create another blog for my post-college experiences.


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