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Weekly Wishes #2: June Goals

Yesterday I stumbled upon a Blog Link-Up by Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective, and it seemed a simple enough task I could do once a week – talk about the goals or challenges you want to achieve this week and share through the link-up. I had so much fun thinking of things to do over the summer – but on a weekly basis – that I decided to get started right away on the newest “Weekly Wishes”. However this prompt is more of a monthly goal since we are now in the month of June!

For the month of June, I have several items on my wish list. 

Item #1: I want to learn how to drive. In the Philippines, after driving with a learner’s permit for a minimum of one month, citizens over the age of 17 can take their test and (hopefully) receive their non-professional driver’s license. I’m a bit behind, but studying abroad for college can do that!

Item #2: I want to be better at HTML and CSS Coding. I didn’t really enjoy Computer Studies in high school, and it was only when I started my blog in college that I realized how useful coding actually was. I was able to find a couple of sites with free tutoring through suggestions from friends, and right now I’m learning via codeacademy. So far, so good! 

Item #3: Do something artsy! I miss having the time to crack open my box of colored pencils, so this summer I decided to teach myself calligraphy. Luckily, there are several free tutorials online (including YouTube tutorials), so I hope to have some amazing song and movie quotes in my planner before summer is over! Pictured below is a flashback to my calligraphy attempts in November 2013. 

"I'm Still Smiling"

“I’m Still Smiling”

Item #4: Find an internship! It’s that time in a college student’s life when we usually begin to panic. The summer before senior year is filled with many students frantically scrambling for any and all job opportunities, especially since it is really your last chance to fill in that resume before school starts. It is slim pickings in the Philippines, since the usual summer internships are from March-May (local school summer months), but I am still hopeful!


If you want to join the weekly link-up, join me and other like-minded bloggers by clicking the photo below! Hope to see you guys there!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #2: June Goals

  1. Codeacademy! I LOVE IT! I’ve been professionally designing now for almost a year and I still visit Codeacademy once a week to touch up on new skills. It’s fantastic!
    I also recently learnt calligraphy and it was a hugely rewarding experience. 🙂

    • great to hear that a professional designer approves of Codeacademy – I agree, it’s been pretty helpful and so easy to understand so far! And calligraphy is both fun and tiring – being left-handed makes using ink a pretty interesting experience 🙂

  2. I’m always writing to-do lists. This summer I want to practise my photography and cooking skills, play the piano and study Russian and French. I need days longer than 24 hours! 🙂

    • Practicing one’s photography skills is a definite must, Cristina – and unfortunately I’ve been very lazy! Yay for foreign language learning – it’s Spanish and Italian for me! If only time-turners actually existed…

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