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Being an avid reader (probably the main reason I saved up for my iPad, to be honest), I am always open to new sources of books, whether online print media or good old-fashioned paperbacks. One of these new sources is an online bookstore and publishing house called Moarbooks.

MoarBooks is an independently run publishing house / bookstore created as a platform for aspiring authors to publish works that are innovative yet familiar to the rest of us. As an independent press, it is our mission to give these fresh creative voices a chance to be heard through their preferred medium of literary expression.

One of MoarBooks’ best qualities is its ability to Print-on-Demand. They print 30-50 copies of a book right-out. However, the company gets a lot of requests for books that have sold out and buyers now have the option of asking for a work to be printed for them. Interested parties can have this done by sending an e-mail to with the subject header “POD: [Title of the work]”. Whether or not a book is available for print-on-demand is indicated in the bookstore.

Two weeks ago the company published the fourth issue of their independent literary/art (maga)zine EM. EM Zine was founded in 2011 and contains art work, comics, poems and fiction writing. It’s official website can be found here. The fourth issue, published two months ago and edited by Noel Villa, contains art, poems, stories and comics “which feature an odd (but perhaps not unexpected) blend of hysteria, suburbia and a quiet, sinister kind of confusion”. For a preview of the fourth issue, click here. Check out the awesome cover art below.

EM Zine, 4th issue

EM Zine, 4th issue

If any of you are interested, please like the MoarBooks Facebook page for updates, and visit their website here

For quick access to the Bookstore to purchase books, comics, and various other consignments (such as Em Zine, the quarterly folio containing poetry, prose, artworks, and comics), go here. For the Art Store to purchase various artworks (in postcard, art card, or poster sizes), click here. And to hear more about different interesting projects that MoarBooks thinks are worth supporting (and which you might like, too), check out the Blog here.


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