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39 Steps


Tonight was another theatre class visit to an onstage production, this time that of 39 Steps at the Criterion Theatre. The theatrical production is based on the same-titled British thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935. Rather than keeping the play a thriller, the production was changed into that of a comedy, with only 3-4 characters portraying the complete cast onstage – one woman and three men, to be specific (at least in terms of this production).

39 Steps

39 Steps

the ticket

the ticket

The theatre was constructed in the form of old-style theatre houses (or at least, the stereotypical red and gold decor). The upper gallery reminded me of the time I watched The Phantom of the Opera being performed in the Philippines – ‘reserve Box 5’ style individual boxes, perfect for a full view of the stage (from an angle).

the upper balcony

the upper balcony

the stage

the stage

The production was hilarious and the humor was spot-on. The actor portraying Richard Hannay was amazing, and the two actors who portrayed all the other male characters were sometimes too funny that even the other actors onstage had difficulty staying in their roles. Overall this is one of my favorite productions, and I am glad we got to see a comedy after several serious plays.

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