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Foundling Museum


Today was part two of our class-tour schedule with Andrew, and first on our list was the Foundling Museum. The museum “tells the story of the Foundling Hospital, England’s first home for abandoned children and London’s first public art gallery”.

Foundling Museum

Foundling Museum

Thomas Coram, founder of the Foundling Hospital

Thomas Coram, founder of the Foundling Hospital

welcome sign

welcome sign

The museum did not allow photos or videos to be taken, unfortunately, so I had to sneak the few photos I was able to take. Fortunately they are not as strict in the lobby, but the beautiful Court Room (completed in 1745) – which is definitely worth a visit – is highly restricted photo-wise.

Court Room

Court Room

"Adoration of a Magi" by Andrea Casali

“Adoration of a Magi” by Andrea Casali

"The Foundling Girl" by David Watson Stevenson (1871)

“The Foundling Girl” by David Watson Stevenson (1871)

The Foundling Hospital Staircase

The Foundling Hospital Staircase

"Peasant Boy" c.1880

“Peasant Boy” c.1880

The next next stop on our tour? The British Museum (after walking through Bedford Square, of course).

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