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Today our class visited Greenwich, which took a bit longer on the tube than our usual tour travels. The district was quite lovely, although the weather did not start off well – it was raining in the early afternoon, though the sun did finally come out in time for us to enjoy it!

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

We rarely take the DLR so it was a pleasant difference from the regular route, although I prefer the seats on the regular tube – more comfortable padding! When we arrived we all gathered by the docks to take photos and wait for Andrew to give his instructions.

by the docks

by the docks

On the way to the museums, we were able to take a quick peak inside Greenwich market – the jewelry stalls were very appealing, but I didn’t feel like spending x amount of pounds for items I would rarely wear. The food looked (and smelled) delicious though, and I slightly regret not buying one of the pastries for a snack.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market

I heart Greenwich Market

I heart Greenwich Market

the market stalls

the market stalls

One store that definitely caught my eye was the Original Hardys Sweetshop, although when Ashton entered they were unfortunately out of Tootsie Rolls. We did not have time to enter and shop around, but I did spy a box of Maoams on the window – JacksGap’s favorite sweet! 

Original Hardy's Sweetshop

Original Hardy’s Sweetshop

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