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Lutong Pinoy with Gaby & Michael


Today I had lunch (again) at Lutong Pinoy, an authentic Filipino restaurant located at 10 Kenway Road, Earl’s Court, London SW5 0RR. I finally got to meet Michael, Gaby’s boyfriend! I am definitely looking forward to (hopefully) visiting the Czech Republic during my time at Florence, especially with all the tips the two were giving me.

For lunch Gaby and I decided to split our main courses again. We decided on inihaw na liempo (marinated grilled pork belly served with vinegar) and adobo (chicken cooked in vinegar, garlic, soya sauce & spices), and we each got a plate of garlic rice.

pork liempo

pork liempo

chicken adobo

chicken adobo

garlic rice

garlic rice

Michael ended up trying an order of sisig (diced mixed pork and spices and chili served on a hotplate). For dessert Gaby and I were very happy to order the Mix Filipino Ice Cream – we both chose ube (purple yam), macapuno (coconut), and mango flavored ice cream.

pork sisig and rice

pork sisig and rice

Mix Filipino Ice Cream (L-R): ube, macapuno, mango

Mix Filipino Ice Cream (L-R): ube, macapuno, mango

The lunch was great and I’m glad to have met Michael before he had to head back. I can’t wait to have more meet-ups with people living and/or studying in Europe, especially people who study in the UK!

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