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Midsummer Night’s Dream


Tonight was the third Shakespeare production for the ACM program, and we were all really excited because apparently the play had puppets – puppets from the same South African company that made the puppets of War Horse.

Barbican Theatre

Barbican Theatre

Food Hall

Food Hall

Drinks 'for here or take away'

Drinks ‘for here or take away’

We had arrived a bit early for the theatrical production, but I felt that the prices inside the Fool Hall were a bit too expensive so a few of us decided to wander around and try to find cheap food. We found Food-Hut, where I ordered some chips (aka fries). Apparently you have to pay for condiments in a small separate container, so I just poured ketchup on one corner.



hmm, chicken...

hmm, chicken…

fries and ketchup!

fries and ketchup!

After slowly walking back to the theatre (I nearly dropped my food because the wind blew the styrofoam toward me), I was still a bit hungry so I gave in and bought a chocolate cupcake and tea at the Food Hall. I’m glad I did because I really needed that tea, and the chocolate cupcake was DELICIOUS – it even had chocolate chunks!

London's #1 Couple!

London’s #1 Couple!

AMAZING chocolate cupcake for £2.00

AMAZING chocolate cupcake for £2.00

Peppermint tea with 1 pack of sugar and a splash of milk

Peppermint tea with 1 pack of sugar and a splash of milk

The theatre was divided up awkwardly so we ended up sitting in groups of four, spread out throughout the aisles. The stage setup was really interesting, especially because it reminded me of a junkyard when I first saw it. One thing that confused me during the play was the double-casting of Theseus/Oberon and Hippolyta/Titania: The faerie rulers wore masks, but during scenes with Bottom ‘Titania’ did not wear her mask. 

Midsummer Night's Dream ticket

Midsummer Night’s Dream ticket

the stage

the stage

Midsummer Night's Dream poster

Midsummer Night’s Dream poster

The play itself was a bit disappointing, though some scenes were definitely (to quote someone in the audience) “12 year-old schoolboy funny”. I wish they had made better use of the puppet company though, since the props they used were not that inspiring.

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