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Tube Strike Day 1


Today was technically the first full day of the Tube Strike, which meant that all tube stations were closed. It was also the first time many of us would be using the bus system, so the day was already challenging. For class we had to be at the Globe Theatre by 10:30am for a theatre workshop, so we planned to leave the house by 8am to make sure we had enough time to board the bus and arrive at the Globe. Piece of cake, right?

walking to the bus stop

walking to the bus stop

Fact? It took us 5+ hours to arrive at the Globe – which meant we missed the workshop. Despite leaving at 8:10am, we missed two buses and decided to walk to different stops to try and board three different buses to get to the Globe Theatre. It was horrible because none of the buses seemed to have room for even one person, and we were five! To make matters worse, my card wallet (with my debit card and Student ID card) and Oyster Card were snatched – but when the queues for the bus look like the photo below, I guess I can now see why what felt like a brush was actually a thief.

sardines, anyone?

sardines, anyone?

It was already past 11am and we were so close to giving up when we saw a bus headed for the Globe. Deciding to be aggressive, we knocked on the doors until the amazing bus driver opened them and allowed us to board! While waiting to arrive at our destination, we passed by a few interesting sights…

modeling for H&M

modeling for H&M


Finally reaching the Globe, we were too late to join the class workshop, but we managed to arrive just in time to join everyone for lunch! (read here)

For dinner we decided to go straight to the Noel Coward Theatre first – we wanted to make sure we were early for the production, so we ate at a small bistro right in front of the theatre house called EAT.



the downstairs game room

the downstairs game room

a big bowl of chicken pho

a big bowl of chicken pho

The city lights looked particularly beautiful that night as we were headed back home, and I can definitely say that so far, King Lear has been my favorite production (though the Joey puppet in War Horse is amazing)! 


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