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Today was the start of London Underground’s tube strike (read all about my experience here), and after a delicious lunch with the rest of the class at Tas Pide (read here), we set off to find the nearest cafe. We decided to go to Starbucks because we wanted something familiar.

the merch(andise)

the merch(andise)

which one?

which one?

At Starbucks, I couldn’t decide what dessert pastry to buy and eat with my hot drink. I was leaning towards a cinnamon roll when I saw the chocolate swirl right beside it. Big decisions on an already stressful day? Count me out!


sandwiches, crisps, and drinks

cinammon swirl vs. chocolate swirl...toughest decision ever!

cinammon swirl vs. chocolate swirl…toughest decision ever!

I ended up ordering a tall hot chocolate to keep it simple, until I realized that (at this Starbucks at least) customers have to pay for whipped cream! That’s an extra 40p(ence) to an already pretty expensive drink…but I gave in because after the horror that was the bus system, I felt I deserved a little pick-me-up.


Fortunately the drink came in a giant mug with chocolate and cinnamon sprinkles, so it was well worth the price.

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