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Dinner and Shakespeare


Today was another tiring day, and most of us seem to be getting the pattern: Monday-Tuesday afternoon tours = tired by 6pm. We decided to do baked ziti again for dinner since it was 1) not complicated, and 2) we had leftovers to eat while waiting for the new batch to cook.

new baked ziti in the oven

new baked ziti in the oven

finally finished!

finally finished!

restaurant-worthy plating!

restaurant-worthy plating!

After a late dinner we decided to start the other reading for the week, which was King Lear by Shakespeare. (no rhyming intended). I decided to make myself a mug of hot chocolate, although I sadly forgot the whipped cream.

hot chocolate...

hot chocolate…

...and a (not so fun) book

…and a (not so fun) book

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