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Pizza and Company


Today I was able to meet and hang out with Gaby. After deciding to be tourists for the day, we visited the Portobello Market (read here), Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park (read here), and the Natural History Museum (read here).

After enjoying the sunny weather, I headed back home to join the ACM girls for dinner. I had a bit of trouble with the tube – rush hour after work does that – so I ended up arriving later than planned. The result?

where'd the pizza go?

where’d the pizza go?

Luckily Julia had another pizza in the oven already being warmed up, so I did manage to try a few slices. I did prefer the slice with sauce, but the slices without sauce were still pretty amazing!

homemade pizza

homemade pizza

slices with vs. slice without sauce

slices with vs. slice without sauce

For dessert Julia and Cassia made a hybridized milk chocolate moelleux. It was really yummy, but we might stick to Belgian dark chocolate next time and add sugar: it was a bit off-tasting because I’m not used to chocolate desserts this sweet. The creme fraîche and whipped cream were good complements to the chocolate dish!

milk chocolate

milk chocolate moelleux



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