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Natural History Museum Cafe


Today Gaby and I visited the Natural History Museum (read here). One of the things I love about London is the fact that most of their museums and art galleries are free – it really encourages people to take a look around and enjoy the experience for themselves!



...or the healthy option?

…or the healthy option?

The Natural History Museum Cafe was the best bet for snack time, since 1) we didn’t want to walk in the rain earlier to try and find a cafe, and 2) there was still a lot of the museum we hadn’t seen. We decided to stick with a pack of crisps (aka chips) each, and share a small package of chocolate covered raisins – yummy! Luckily we were able to find a table, since the cafe was really packed.

table for two!

table for two!

crips and chocolate covered raisins!

crips and chocolate covered raisins!

Pipers Crisp Co. "Anglesey Sea Salt"

Pipers Crisp Co. “Anglesey Sea Salt”

The crisps/chips were delicious and just the right amount of salty. For drinks Gaby ordered a cappuccino, while I stuck to the tried and true hot chocolate (with whipped cream)!

L-R: cappucino, hot chocolate

L-R: cappuccino, hot chocolate

After our short but delicious snack break, we were ready to continue on with the rest of the museum! Tip of the day: since the museum closes at 4:30 (I believe), make sure you see your favorite sections by 3pm – anytime after that, and it gets a bit crowded. 

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