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Homecooked Meals


Today was a day filled with home cooking. For lunch Notsile cooked up some delicious pasta using mature cheddar and Loyd Grossman ‘Al Forno’ (tomato & parmesan with pancetta) sauce, topped with a hint of parsley. The penne was perfectly al dente, and I am definitely going to ask Notsile to teach me the recipe! 

pasta for two (inc. the ingredients)

pasta for two (inc. the ingredients)



definitely essential!

definitely essential!

For dessert, I had a cup of (non-homemade) chocolate mousse from Waitrose. It was deliciously light and airy, and best of all – it didn’t make my throat itchy! No allergies is always a good thing, and I am definitely putting aside 99p for another 6-pack of these when I finish the current pack!

if only it came in a larger cup...

if only it came in a larger cup…

For snacks I prepared a bowl of cereal and milk. Specifically, Nestlé Honey Cheerios with Vitamin D (aka ‘Whole’) Milk. I love the bowls/plates in the flats, they have the adorable 4-meal design on each of them (breakfast, lunch, supper, dinner). The designs remind me of Lord of the Rings and the scene when Pippin asked about second breakfast! 

cereal for a snack!

cereal for a snack!

For dinner Julia made some yummy and filling couscous. I really miss rice so I was glad to have an entire bowl all to myself! For dessert she and Cassia made some chocolate cake (Belgian chocolate, yum!) with whipped cream, and mugs of tea (with a spoonful of sugar for me)!

chocolate-y dessert!

chocolate-y dessert!

"would you like a spot of tea?"

“would you like a spot of tea?”

Overall, the communal dinners are working quite well, and I can’t wait to see what the girls come up with for tomorrow night’s menu!

P.S. Again, the date/time stamps on these pictures are a day late (I probably have my camera settings wrong somewhere).

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