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Today was a late start, since our only class session is in the classroom with Steven from 1-4/5pm. It was quite a long class, so we were glad to have no other class before (or after) the session. We visited Burger & Shake to have some of their amazing fries and milkshakes (the hazelnut one tastes like Nutella and milk).


The burger place had a regular menu and a special menu on chalkboard. I definitely plan on coming back to try the macaroni and cheese!

regular menu

regular menu

special menu

special menu

I decided to order a plain cheeseburger (without the veggies) and a side order of small fries. The burger was DELICIOUS – juicy and tasty, and perfectly cooked. The fries surprised me – the ‘small’ portion was quite large. They were perfectly salted and crispy though! 

Cheeseburger (cook: medium)

Cheeseburger (cook: medium), £7.50

small fries

small fries, £1.95

It was delicious (though a bit expensive), and if they have wifi I can see this being a great place to hang out after class!

P.S. I don’t know why it says “January 31” instead of “January 30” on the time stamps.

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