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War Horse


Tonight was the first of several productions on our class schedule for London: The Art of Adaptation. Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, the theatrical production of War Horse was is the story of a horse named Joey and his experience living in England during the start (and duration) of the first World War.

War Horse poster

War Horse poster

We watched the performance in the New London Theatre (exiting from the Covent Garden underground). Steven, our professor, managed to book us almost an entire row to ourselves – although we had a bit of a problem with seating arrangements at the start!

entrance to the theatre building

entrance to the theatre building

the golden ticket!

the golden ticket!

why hello there, Joey!

why hello there, Joey!

Unfortunately we were told that photography (non-flash or otherwise) was not allowed, even during the end when the actors are doing their final bow. Fortunately I was told this AFTER I took a picture of the stage! I guess during our future productions I will either 1) have to take a sneaky shot of the stage/during the final bow, or 2) find a photo online and give credit from there.

the stage

the stage

The play was spectacular, and I am glad we were able to watch it after reading the novel – it made for some interesting comparisons!

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