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Dinner at The Prince Alfred


Today the group had dinner together at The Prince Alfred, a pub located at 112 Queensway, London. You can find the menu here: 

the _______ pub (upstairs)

the _______ pub (upstairs)

I believe we were 24 people, so we were sent upstairs and split up into several tables (there was just not enough space for all of us to sit at one table).  On the way upstairs we passed by an actual fireplace – it was cold and raining when we entered, so I would have been perfectly fine sitting by the fireplace!


For dinner my table decided to order separately and just share the food (except for Sara’s soup). When we were ready to order, we lined up in front of the upstairs bar to order and pay. I really liked the sign the pub placed behind the counter!

this perfectly describes me

this perfectly describes me

For dinner I decided to order the garlic mozarrella cheese ciabatta bread appetizer. I wasn’t that hungry because we had met earlier at Steven’s family’s flat (and had snacks) before coming to the pub. I also ordered a delicious hot chocolate!

the ciabatta bread

the ciabatta bread

hot chocolate

hot chocolate

Notsile ordered the plain Caesar Salad, which was actually bigger than what we expected for a British salad.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Cassia and Julia ended up sharing the hot chocolate fudge cake with caramel ice cream, and after trying a bite of the dessert I am definitely going to have to try and come back!

hot chocolate fudge cake with caramel ice cream

hot chocolate fudge cake with caramel ice cream

Ian ordered the BBQ chicken wings, which were deliciously tasty and falling-off-the-bone soft! They were just the right amount of spicy as well.

BBQ chicken wings

BBQ chicken wings

We ended the night with a group picture, and the plans to code an app for the iPhone called the “Ian-Phone app”, where we could call him up and ask for Tube directions (or use the phone camera to show him where we are when we feel lost).


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