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Lunch at Baker & Spice


Today some other ACM girls and I enjoyed a delicious (and simple) lunch at Baker & Spice, a bakery/cafe around one block from our apartment complex.

Baker and Spice

Baker & Spice

yummy food for lunch! (L-R: salads, lemon chicken, jasmine rice)

yummy food for lunch! (L-R: salads, lemon chicken, jasmine rice)

The bakery/cafe had a gorgeous display of freshly-baked breads (the smell is what attracted me to the shop in the first place), so I made the quick decision to buy a cinnamon bun that I plan on saving for a snack later today. For lunch I decided to order jasmine rice and lemon chicken with herbs – simple, but delicious!

baked goods, yum!

baked goods, yum!

jasmine rice and lemon chicken

jasmine rice and lemon chicken2

One thing we quickly learned in London: when you order ‘take away’, you are not allowed to sit in the shop (in fact you are expected to leave, immediately). I guess next time we’ll be ‘dining in’, especially on cold and windy/rainy days like this one! 

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