Applying for an Italian Visa


Today was a pretty tiring day. I woke up at 5:45am in order to shower and have breakfast. I left the house at 7am and (due to traffic), barely made my 8am appointment with the Italian Embassy. After arriving at the embassy, I was told to wait for my ticket number to be shown on the screen. After talking to one of the embassy representatives, I was told that I was missing a set of bank documents – thankfully I had my mom’s phone with me, because after a couple of hours (and with the help of my parents) I was able to resolve the issue. Unfortunately the person who told my dad that the visa fee was p1,200 was wrong – it seems that a Short Term Student Visa handling fee is actually p1,400. Luckily I had money with me, so I was able to pay the difference. To treat myself (and because I was hungry), I stopped by McDonald’s on the way home and ordered roughly $10 worth of food for my brother and I: two double cheeseburgers (without veggies), two large fries, and one order of 6-pc chicken mcnuggets with extra bbq sauce! 2014-01-06 11.31.00 For dinner we had delicious breaded fish with colorful veggies, and chicken in vegetable stew! 2014-01-06 12.29.22 2014-01-06 12.30.05 I decided

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