A Day with Gaby


Today was quite a fun day – Gaby and I made plans to have lunch at ATC together before she came back to my place to meet Elmo, my French bulldog. She will also be spending a semester abroad in the spring, and since she is leaving on Sunday we decided to try and figure out our schedules to plan what to do during our free time in London.

Being our usual selves, we ended up deciding on a place to have lunch by walking past all the other potential eateries. Really, sometimes our indecisiveness can be a problem – but anyways, today we decided to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.

2014-01-03 12.09.02

Gaby ordered the Lemon Iced Tea, while I decided to try their Mango Shake (which was delicious!). For our main course (we decided to skip our appetizers), we each ordered a regular-sized pizza: I ordered the pepperoni pizza, and Gaby had the BBQ chicken.

2014-01-03 12.17.18

2014-01-03 12.17.25

Overall, lunch was pretty fantastic! After a quick tour of the mall to see if there was anything new (the sales were amazing, but American Eagle was still too expensive for our budget!) we decided to visit our old favorite: Serenitea.

drinks galore!

drinks galore!

Top 10 Menu

Top 10 Menu

Holiday Drinks

Holiday Drinks

After getting our regular order (Medium Okinawa, 25% sugar content, with Pearls), we decided to walk around a bit more instead of sitting around on our bums.

adorable plastic cover design

adorable plastic cover design

Serenitea bubble tea!

Serenitea bubble tea!

After arriving at my house, I decided to introduce Gaby to one of my favorite new games: Bananagrams! In the end we had a tie, because we couldn’t figure out how to form words with an equal number of tiles (I believe we each had three tiles left).

my set of tiles

my set of tiles

Gaby's set of tiles

Gaby’s set of tiles

I can’t wait to see Gaby again in a few weeks – this time in London!

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