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Lunch at Hanakazu


Today my family and I had lunch at Hanakazu, an authentic Japanese restaurant in B.F. Homes, Parañaque. We’ve been eating there since the restaurant opened in 2005. According to their Facebook page, “established in 2005 by Chef Hiroaki Otsuka and wife Lorna Otsuka, [Hanakazu] is house of the best sushi and sashimi dishes in the South. Mr. Otsuka, an experienced Japanese chef for 26 years, is at the helm of the sushi bar and pays careful attention to details in his preparations and makes sure to serve only the freshest quality of seafood.”

2013-12-29 12.20.10

When we entered the restaurant I was surprised to see it renovated. The sushi bar is now elongated with more space for food preparation and food service, and the inside layout is definitely roomier.

2013-12-29 12.57.28

(at left) Chef Hiroaki hard at work

After finding our table and being seated, we waited to receive the menu. While waiting we decided to just order by person. 

2013-12-29 12.21.50

2013-12-29 12.21.19

regular menu

2013-12-29 12.23.19

new menu

I was pleasantly surprised to see a “Special Dishes” menu as well – with dishes such as Spam Rolls, Wagyu Burger, and Teba Karaage.

Spam Roll

Spam Roll

Wagyu Burger

Wagyu Burger

Teba Karaage

Teba Karaage

My parents decided to start light with a fresh Daikon Salad, which contained radish, lettuce and small fried fish, drizzled with sesame seed sauce.

2013-12-29 12.38.49

My mom had an order of California Maki (here in the Philippines we use mango instead of avocado), and an order of hamachi (yellowfin tuna).

2013-12-29 12.40.01

2013-12-29 12.37.05

My dad ordered anago sushi (saltwater eel) and a box of siomai.

2013-12-29 12.49.02

2013-12-29 13.03.15

Manolo had one order of unagi temaki (freshwater eel) for an appetizer, and tried the Wagyu hamburger steak with yakimeshi (fried rice) for his main course. He said the Wagyu was melt-in-your-mouth soft, and after trying it I would agree!

Unagi temaki

Unagi temaki



Wagyu steak

Wagyu hamburger steak

Finally, I started off with an order of shake (salmon) onigiri, accompanied by my favorite ripe mango shake! I tried the Teba Karaage (fried chicken wings), which were absolutely delicious! Perfectly fried and already tasty on its own, the sauce that accompanied it was salty-sweet with sesame seeds. I finished off with an order of kappa (cucumber) maki.

2013-12-29 12.33.55

perfectly-rolled shake onigiri

perfectly-rolled shake onigiri

perfectly cooked salmon!

perfectly cooked salmon!

Teba Karaage

Teba Karaage

the delicious sauce!

the delicious sauce!

kappa maki

kappa maki

For dessert we were given a complimentary platter of deliciously sweet and cold watermelon slices. Perfect for the warm weather here in the Philippines!

2013-12-29 13.52.08

I was glad to come back after spending months abroad in college, and will definitely be ready to come back at any time – service was excellent as usual, and the food was a definite 10/10! 

Hanakazu WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

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