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Day 27 in España – ¡”Play It Again, Sam”, and Karaoke Night!


Today we had another afternoon movie session. This time the movie was Play It Again, Sam, a 1972 film written by and starring Woody Allen, based on his Broadway play. It was a hilarious parody of the movie Casablanca, but in this movie the main character (played by Woody Allen) received dating advice from Humphrey Bogart (who played lead character Rick Blaine in Casablanca).

"Play It Again, Sam" © Wikipedia

“Play It Again, Sam” © Wikipedia

The homework load for tomorrow’s lecture was pretty light (except for the reading by Gabriel García Márquez – it seems I can’t escape him, even after the IB hell that was One Hundred Years of Solitude). Since it was a Wednesday night, promoters of the bar The Irish Rover were giving out flyers at the Plaza Mayor. The bar’s 3 main events were Beer Pong Mondays, Fiesta Erasmus Tuesdays, and Karaoke Night Wednesdays.

"The Irish Rover" flyer

“The Irish Rover” flyer

Amairani and I had earlier spoken about performing at one of their Wednesday Karaoke nights, and since we didn’t have much homework we decided to give it a go. The English songs were played from 9pm to 1am so we got there at around 11pm (we didn’t want to seem too eager!).

The Irish Rover entrance

The Irish Rover entrance

Karaoke Night Wednesday!

Karaoke Night Wednesday!

disco ball!

disco ball night!

When we entered the bar we saw the sign on the projector, so after deliberating on the song choice (and waiting for people to return their song lists), Amairani and I chose a song. Gianina decided to accompany us so I lent her my camera to film our performance later on in the night. It seemed pretty packed, so we had to wait our turn, but we enjoyed watching the other performances.

list of drinks at the bar

list of drinks at the bar

sangrias all around!

sangrias all around!

Amairani and I were a bit nervous, but luckily our song choice was one of the songs on my iPod so we listened to the song during performance breaks (at full volume, since the club was loud even then).

Amairani and I

Amairani and I

At last, it was our turn to perform! We wanted a song that a lot of people would know the lyrics to (even if it was in English). At the same time we didn’t want a “belt-y” song like Beyonce since we couldn’t hit those notes. In the end we chose the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. It turned out that the song choice was a good decision – all the people right by the stage were singing along, and we even got a few participants on the second floor balcony area!

It was a pretty fun night, and even if I got home after 2am (because of the 30-minute walk), it was definitely worth it. I wish the rest of the class had come with us, but if there’s ever a karaoke bar in Colorado Springs I’ll definitely be suggesting it for our reunion! This is definitely one off my bucket list!

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