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Day 26 in España – ¡Casablanca!


Today was the first ‘movie afternoon’ planned for the block. I was actually quite excited because 1) I have never watched the movie Casablanca before, and 2) we would all be watching at Rafa’s cafe in the afternoon, which meant that we could munch on snacks and have a nice cold drink while watching said movie!

During the morning lecture we discussed the basis of critical reading and writing, as well as the parts of Drama and different figures of speech. It was definitely a bit confusing because I grew up learning the terms in English, and all of a sudden ‘metaphor’ became ‘metáfora’, for example. Salvino made it a lot easier for us by writing down the terms on the blackboard – although it might have been for his benefit (in terms of ensuring that we wrote down the correct spellings).

After heading home for lunch, I went back to Rafa’s cafe for the afternoon session of Spanish 306. As we were waiting for Rafa to set up the projector and sound system, I decided to grab a coke and a bag of Lay’s chips for movie munchies.



The movie Casablanca was in English (thankfully) so it was quite easy to follow. I really liked the movie and there definitely were several quote-worthy lines by the main characters! Salvino told us that we would have a short discussion of the movie tomorrow so I took notes on scenes and particular lines I believe to be important. After the movie session I decided to go straight home to get my reading over with and have an early night. After reading selections of Borges, Cortazár, and Rulfo, I had dinner with my host family and watched an episode of Criminal Minds before going to sleep.

I have only had a couple of days of class with Salvino so far, but it seems as if we’ll be having less homework compared to Spanish 305. On the other hand, we definitely have more discussions in class (and readings outside of class). One thing I definitely will NOT miss – the grammar exercises for Spanish 305!


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