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Week 4, Day 25 in España – ¡Spanish 306 with Salvino!


Today was the first day of Block B with professor Salvino Bizzarro. We spent the class going over the syllabus and what Sal expected of us. Apparently, there would be a lot of changes in terms of reading schedules and when we read certain short stories. Spanish 306 is different from Spanish 305 in the sense that, as Sal had put it, “in this class I want you all to TALK!” In Spanish 305 we spent much of our time focused on readings and improving our writing skills, so in Spanish 306 we are expected to learn technical terms and analyze text. Basically, it is like an English literature class – but in Spanish.

We were each given a copy of the book Los Días del Arcoíris by Antonio Skármeta to read at our own pace, but we were expected to finish it by the 3rd week, in order to start writing our final paper. Sal said that we should pay him the 10 euros for the book by Wednesday.

“Los Días del Arcoíris” ©

After our introduction to Spanish 306, Salvino let us all out of class a bit early. It was a nice surprise, and I decided to have lunch at Rafa’s cafe, Second Home. I ordered a regular Coke with an order of Alejandro’s special sushi – instead of nori (seaweed) it is wrapped in breadcrumbs, and it uses ham instead of seafood. There was also a thin layer of cream cheese inside the roll, and with a bit of soy sauce the 9 pieces were quite a filling meal!

delicious sushi!

delicious sushi!

I decided to relax for the rest of the day, so I quickly did the readings at Rafa’s and went home for dinner. After dinner and a shower I spent the rest of the night catching up to my Criminal Minds episodes (I’m now watching Season 4). I also updated my blog by adding pictures and a couple of new blog posts – daily blogging isn’t actually as easy as I thought it would be!


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