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Day 14 in España – debate and “Mar Adentro”


Today was a difficult day, both homework-wise and emotionally. It was my turn to debate an issue in front of the class, and the issue I had signed up for was el derecho a morir, also known as euthanasia. I knew beforehand that it would be a tough issue to argue on either side, but after watching the movie Mar Adentro it became (in my opinion) even more emotional.

Mike and I argued that euthanasia should be legalized in Spain, while the tag team of Nico, Alex and Peter argued against euthanasia on all grounds. It was a heated debate, but in the end the arguments of the tag team won. Yet before the debate happened, as a class we met in the cafe to watch the movie. Starring Javier Bardem, the movie is about a 50 year-old man who was in an accident at the age of 23. For 27 years he lived paralyzed from neck down, and eventually meets a lawyer name Julia who helps him argue his case for the right to die with dignity. Rosa, a single mother, befriends him and both women fall for him, yet Ramon Sampedro (Javier’s character) says that the person who truly loves him will help him die. According to Ramon, “life is a right, not an obligation”. Those words were really powerful and stuck to us all, especially because of the poignant ending.

Mar Adentro © Los Goya website

I did not end up going home for lunch because I had so much work to do, so for the first time in Spain I went to McDonald’s to have a meal. I ordered the “doble cheeseburger con patatas y refresco”, but forgot to ask for the vegetables to be removed.

first McDonald's in Spain!

first McDonald’s in Spain!

The rest of the afternoon I spent working on my 4th composition for class, about the pros and cons of euthanasia. My “titular presentación” is tomorrow so I managed to find an interesting article about Spain from the newspaper El País – specifically, a proposed bill that would allow the government (specifically the NPD or the “Plan Nacional sobre Drogas“) to fine parents if their children have been to the emergency room more than once for alcohol poisoning.

Either the burger didn’t agree with me or I caught the flu bug that is currently going around, but either way my stomach wasn’t feeling up to par tonight so Pilar gave me some of her special carrot and potato soup with a chunk of plain bread for dinner. I decided that pineapple slices for dessert would be a bad idea (don’t want my stomach to be even more acidic) so I went to bed right after I showered and air-dried my hair.

yummy carrot and potato soup!

yummy carrot and potato soup!


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