Colorado College / sophomore year

Legere Epistulae in Latinum


The last block of my sophomore year was (as you can guess from the title of this blog post) Reading (letters) in Latin. Taught by professor Daniel “Dan” Leon in Cossitt Hall, we originally were a class of 8 but after the first day we became a class of 6. There were two guys – David (a fellow sophomore) and Tom (a senior) – and aside from myself, three other girls – Camille (a senior), Susannah (a fellow sophomore) and Emily (a freshman). We were assigned readings every day and were expected to bring notes of full translations to class the next day. 

Class was enjoyable because we were usually paired up to discuss our translations, and it was a fun fight NOT to end up with the chalkboard (sorry Susannah!). Either way it was difficult for me because I’m left-handed, and I end up awkwardly holding my wrist away from the board so I don’t end up smudging (or wiping away) what I had just written. 

Instead of tests or quizzes, Dan had us take a “Quest” on the 2nd and 3rd Friday, and on the 4th Wednesday. He said it was “more than a quiz but less than a test” – most of our friends thought we were going on actual adventures instead! The quests each had two “seeing passages”, meaning we had studied them during that week, and one “sight passage”, an unknown passage that Dan based on our current skill level. The nice thing about each quest was that it only tested on what we learned after the previous quest – yay for non-cumulative exams! The bad thing was each letter had around 2 paragraphs, and we usually went through a letter a day.

During this block I also earned my current highest score for a word on Words with Friends using the word hazard. The letter “z” is worth 10 points on its own, and I placed it on the bonus “TL” (triple letter) tile slot. The letter “d” was placed on the bonus “TW” (triple word) tile slot, so all in all I earned 114 points!!!

114 points on "hazard"!

114 points on “hazard”!

On the last Sunday of the block I ended up coming down with a fever – of course, it had to happen right before my final quest. Talk about bad timing! Luckily Mel, my roomie, had this awesome brand of Yogi Tea. She gave me the pink packet called “Echinacea Immune Support”, which tasted really yummy with a teaspoonful of honey! I made a cup of tea Sunday evening, and I ended up taking another one with me on the way to class on Monday morning to make sure that my fever fully went away. Pictured below is the mug Mel lent me – it says “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams“.

"Echinacea Immune Support"

“Echinacea Immune Support”

My final quest had a sight passage I found to be a lot more difficult than the previous ones. Funnily enough, I scored better on that sight passage than I did on my two previous sight passages! I got the highest quest grade I ever received in class on this quest, a 130/136, and my final grade for the class was an A! I left Cossitt and ended up seeing all the seniors gathered on Worner Quad for the annual Senior Champagne Shower, where seniors take bottles of champagne and spray it on themselves and each other in celebration of finishing college. It was both a happy and sad moment, since 1) they are about to graduate in a week’s time, but 2) many of them will hardly see their friends again, especially the international students who plan to go and stay home.

Senior Champagne Shower!

Senior Champagne Shower!

It was a wonderful end to another wonderful year at college, and it’s not over yet! In less than two weeks I’ll be headed towards Spain for my two block summer program in Salamanca! 

Check out my other blog for (hopefully) daily updates on my 2013 summer trip to Spain:


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