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I have a job!


As you can see from the title of this blog post, I finally have a job! And even better, it was a very competitive, on-campus job application process! I am officially a 2013-2014 Campus Tour Guide!

The application process was quite dragging, only because David Pellett had to deal with a hundred plus people asking for application forms (whether in person or via email). The good thing about it was that only around 40 people submitted their application forms (and faculty recommendation forms – thanks Rochelle!) on time, so the rest were cut immediately. After evaluating the 40+ applications, David emailed the finalists for interviews, and in my interview I was told that there were roughly 25+ applicants left. Admissions usually hires 25-30 tour guides a year, and this year’s batch had 13 seniors. So if all 12-17 tour guides re-applied, that left room for roughly 15 spots.

My interview was at 2pm on Friday afternoon, and David said that we could expect to find out if we were hired by the following Monday afternoon. It was quite nerve-racking since the other two jobs I applied for said I was the second-best applicant, and I really wanted the job. That Monday afternoon I was very glad to see this in my inbox:

yay for on-campus job!

yay for on-campus job!

As a campus tour guide I am expected to lead an average of 5 tours a block or 20 tours a semester. Since I will be abroad my Spring semester of junior year, I plan to lead more than 20 tours, especially since I will be on-campus during block breaks. The pay is great as well – pay grade 3 which is the highest pay grade for on-campus jobs ($9.57/hour). As a tour guide we are expected to be on site 15 minutes before a tour starts to answer questions, and to remain behind 15 minutes after the tour for the same reason. This means I will be making an average of around $15.00/tour! What’s even better is that all trainees will be paid during the training process (shadowing 3 tours as an observer, then co-leading 3 tours)!

On a side note, I also finally declared a second minor after working with both Sanjaya Thakur (my Major advisor) and Marcia Dobson (my second Minor advisor) to organize my schedule. I am now a Classics major, and a double-minor in Spanish Language and Psychoanalysis!

Undergraduate degree!

Undergraduate degree!


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