Colorado College / sophomore year

I’m at the Planning Stage!

This is my first time to go to Europe, and I’m at that stage between extremely excited and completely frazzled. The drama of my Spanish visa application situation is finally over, and I should (hopefully) be receiving my passport and visa in the mail by next week.

To clarify matters, I am going to Salamanca for 6 weeks this summer: from May 23rd to july 9th. I am minoring in Spanish Language at Colorado College, and in order to graduate on time (and because it sounds amazing) I decided to sign up for the Salamanca summer program. I will be taking two 300-level, advanced Spanish classes (because I took both beginner and intermediate Spanish the entire Fall semester 2012), and I am very worried as of now – I haven’t practiced my Spanish at all since December, and I’m counting on what I hear a lot of people say in terms of learning a new language: “don’t worry, it’ll all come back to you”.
I am really excited for the trip, and as a 300-level student I get to go to all the fun events as part of my curriculum – including the 6-day Festival de San Juan! The only downside is that we have to write papers for each event we go to. I still think that attending a jazz festival, all the fiestas, the dance clubs, and other activities will more than make up for those papers…at least that’s what I’m counting on! The weekend trips to Madrid (and hopefully Avila), plus the day trips to important historical cultural sites are just icing on top of the cake. I am definitely making a note to bring my camera!
We just received the email from Kathy (one of the professors) regarding our itinerary, and the only downside I can see so far is having to wake up at 5am on May 2rd to catch my 7:30am flight to Chicago! Spain, here I come!

Update 05/08/2013: I finally received my Spanish visa in the mail yesterday, what a relief!

Spanish visa 2013!

Spanish visa 2013!


7 thoughts on “I’m at the Planning Stage!

  1. Good luck! As someone who has studied/worked abroad (though I’m from the UK) I can tell you that you’re going to have a fantastic time! And don’t forget the charger for that camera 😉

    • Thanks Rose! I’ll definitely make a note to bring the charger AND an extra battery + SD card, just in case. I’ll be going to London in Spring 2014 as part of a semester program, any suggestions for places to visit?

  2. Abbey Road in London (from the Beatles album) has a webcam with a URL, if you walk across the road and note the time you can look up your picture on the internet later. Apart from that, all the “usual” attractions are pretty good, but make sure you have an International Student ID card to get discounts, and if you want to visit Buckingham Palace then you should book ahead!

    • Thanks for the tip! I definitely want to visit the Palace, hopefully our program has already booked ahead for us. For the Abbey Road picture, how would we go about searching for it? Would we just type in the time and “Abbey Road” in Google, for example? 😀

      • There’s a sign up somewhere that has the url, just note it down along with the approximate time you were there and check it within 24 hours and voilà, photo! 🙂

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