Spring Break

Spring Break in LA!

I signed up for a class in Salamanca, Spain for summer 2013. I would be spending 6 weeks there, and I needed a Schengen visa in order to travel. Thus for the last 4 days of my 2014 Spring Break I flew to Los Angeles for my Spanish consulate appointment.
I stayed in the pool house of Lars Roos and Dr. Estelita Calica Roos, my tita’s parents. It was a really nice house, very old-looking and huge. 
If only I remembered to bring my swimsuit!
I arrived late Thursday afternoon, and Lolo Lars took me to the Farmer’s Market and the Grove via the metro. It was my first time on a public bus in the States, so it was a pretty interesting experience.
Farmer’s Market!
We got sliced bread, orange juice, bacon, and a whole rotisserie lemon chicken! We had chicken, salad and rice for dinner, and Lola Estee arrived after 10pm from her office – she works as a psychiatrist, which is pretty cool! At the Farmer’s Market we got this AMAZING Cinnamon bread (without the raisins!), I hope it’s also available in Colorado Springs…
“Sin” bread, yum!

On Friday morning I woke up early to prepare for my 11 o’clock appointment with the Spanish consulate. Lolo Lars and I took the metro again, and in a few minutes we were able to find the building: 

5055 Wilshire Blvd. 
Suite 860
Los Angeles, CA 900036
We arrived way before my appointment time, around 10am, just in case we got lost or there was a line…funnily enough, even though there were only 3 counters it was only a Spanish couple, a Spanish woman and Lolo Lars and I in the office. 
At around 10:30 one of the counter ladies called my name and my appointment was moved up. I gave her my documents one by one (I don’t understand why they request for photocopies when they just give them back to you), and eventually she approved my application. Her only hesitance was regarding my health insurance – apparently I had the wrong type. So she told me to send them the correct one via Express Mail, and that they would send me my passport and Spanish visa in the mail when they finish processing it.
Lolo Lars and I left the consulate at around 10:50am – ten minutes before my scheduled appointment time! I was pretty tired from the travel (and waking up early both days) so I decided that Friday would be my rest day. I spent the rest of the day doing pre-registration for next school year, and sent off an email to Sanjaya Thakur (my academic advisor) so he could approve of my choices and point distribution. I also looked up different kinds of half-day tours around LA, but eventually I decided to just go shopping around The Grove to give my poor feet a rest.
I woke up late Saturday morning and watched a movie on my laptop before having lunch. After lunch Lolo Lars walked me to the metro stop, making sure I knew the route back home. I took my first metro trip alone, and arrived at The Grove with no problems. I then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping!
hmm, should have watched a movie!
I joined a live Zumba session! #bucketlist
perfectly-timed shot of the water fountain!
hellooo, shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch models!
I eventually finished at around 7pm, and went to check out the Farmer’s Market for some munchies – and dinner, of course. 
dinner time! One slice = 2 slices back home!
Sunday morning was packing morning – not that I had much to pack of course, it being basically a 3-day weekend. I arrived at LAX at around 12:30ish, three hours before my flight. I was able to get my boarding pass pretty easily, but passing through security was pretty tough – since my passport was with the Spanish consulate, I had to show my student ID, a photocopy of my passport and US visa, and a credit card before passing through the checkpoint. Not only that, but I had to be patted down too! Well, it was worth it because in the end I was able to go through and find my boarding gate.
yummy Western Bacon cheeseburger combo!
After a delicious lunch at Carl’s Jr. (Western Bacon combo without the onion rings), I went to talk to the United help desk. My boarding pass said See Agent so I was a bit worried. It turns out that they overbooked the flight, so I was kicked off and the next flight was 3:30pm on MONDAY. Even if they reimbursed me for my troubles (hello, $800!) it was still a hassle to email my professor and ask Lolo Lars and Lola Estee if I could stay another night. I luckily arrived at their house right before they left for their show, and spent the night making toasted bread and butter sandwiches for dinner. On the plus side, I was able to download plenty of movies…and eat some of my See’s Candies milk chocolate Easter eggs!
all wrapped up in colored foil!
It’s now Monday and I went through the same process: cab to LAX, arrive at 12:30ish, get boarding pass, got held up and patted down at security, and I’m now at the exact same boarding gate waiting for my flight. It’s a bit worrying that my current boarding pass ALSO says See Agent, but I already told the lady at the United help desk that I’m NOT being bumped off again, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I arrive in Colorado Springs at 7:40pm tonight!
Thanks so much to the Roos’ for hosting me!

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