Baca / Colorado College / sophomore year

Venimus, Vidimus, NON Vincemus…

This was my third (and last, thankfully) double-block class for the year. Not that I didn’t enjoy last semester, but spending 3 hours a day, 5 days a week in the same classroom, learning a language from the beginning isn’t really my idea of fun. On the other hand, Latin is so similar to Spanish that I now fear my Spanish-speaking skills.
Latin for Beginners was an amazingly fun class. The professor, Sanjaya Thakur, was my professor in my 7th block class during my freshman year, so I already knew how he held class. We were around 25+ students, so pretty normal for a language class. I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons why people signed up for Latin was because it fulfilled two requirements: language proficiency AND west in time.
Moving on though, class was fun and interesting, but also quite difficult. We discussed a chapter (sometimes two) a day, had at least 2 sections of homework to do in the afternoon, and had a quiz the next morning on the chapter’s vocabulary…not an easy thing I tell you. Quizzes accounted for 30% of our grade, and our weekly tests + final paper accounted for the rest of the 70%. I ended up making lots of charts just to be able to remember all the different endings of nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns, etc!
Charts, anyone?
One thing I did like about Latin was the people. Joanna was my NSO trip buddy so we decided to sit together for the rest of the block. It’s funny how (even in college), once you take a seat on the first day of class, that seat will likely be your “go-to” for the rest of the class…kind of like high school, but oh well.

Speaking of charts, the Latin midterm was horrible (but it seemed like an easy A compared to the final, that’s for sure). For example, the verb amare is the present active infinitive of “to love”. Each verb has 4 principle parts:

amo “I love” 1st person singular present active indicative
amare “to love” present active infinitive
amavi “I loved” 1st person singular perfect active indicative
amatus “having been loved” perfect passive participle
Each part has a PERSON (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and NUMBER (singular or plural). Each part also has a VOICE: it can be active, passive or deponent. Each part has a MOOD: indicative, subjunctive, imperative, vocative, etc. And finally, each part has a TENSE: present, perfect, future, imperfect, pluperfect, or future perfect. 
So imagine all those charts, and then you find out that each noun is either masculine, feminine or neuter…and that each of those genders have their own specific endings for the 5 Noun declensions…AND each declension has its own set of endings for the 5 cases (Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Ablative). THEN you realize that each verb can belong to a specific conjugation, but that there are 4 verb conjugations…well you understand why we hated having tests.
Caffeine and energy drinks…how I survived Latin.
Of course, Latin didn’t always make us want to drop out…and crawl in a hole…and disappear…well, moving on, we did have fun times in class, especially when we went to Baca for the first Monday to Wednesday of 6th block. I had just gotten my new camera in the mail, so it was perfect timing!
Olympus SP-720UZ…my baby DSL-R
Baca was fun because we woke up for 9am breakfast, had class in the mornings, took a lunch break then had the afternoon free to go to Crestone, hike, watch movies, take a nap, etc. We had afternoon class at around 4ish till dinner, read some Ostler till around 9 or so, then had the night to ourselves. The benefit of reading at Baca was whatever we read was not included in our tests!
Grilled cheese & roast beef chipotle sandwich
Salad + Chocolate Chip cookie

First meal at Baca!
Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and salad!
On our second (and last) night at Baca, we decided to make s’mores before everyone else ate the rest of the Hershey’s chocolate. It was a success, especially since Sanjaya remembered to bring all the ingredients this time (I believe he forgot the graham crackers last time, not that anyone was complaining).
toasted on the outside, gooey on the inside!
I’m really going to miss our class, especially the “movie group” I became friends with: Masa, Maddy and Max. We got close in Baca (like classes usually do…I’ve heard that most get to know their classmates’ names AT Baca!) because we watched a movie each night, and hung out for the rest of the day. First movie night obviously had to be How To Train Your Dragon, since the boys hadn’t seen it yet (blasphemy, I know), but we let them pick the next movie…and it turned out to be Zoolander. Masa had never seen it before, and probably will never want to again haha!

I also introduced them to the Sherlock BBC tv series, and Maddy and I still get the giggles whenever the boys (or someone in class) says “absolutely!”…hilarious, I know (sarcasm intended), but spending hours watching slapstick comedy YouTube videos doesn’t do much for maturity levels, sadly.

Speaking of movies and YouTube, my laptop sadly died on the second week of 6th block. I’ve had it since mid-2010, so I’ve grown pretty attached to it, but I’m just grateful it lasted this long (and that I had saved all of my files onto my external hard drive the day before). I bought a new MacBook Pro right away, and received it in the mail a week later with a gorgeous purple Speck hardcase.

13-inch MBP, 2.9 gHz
P.S. If you’re wondering what this blog post title means, it translates to “We came, we saw, we DIDN’T conquer…” (Latin, in case you were wondering what I was talking about).

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