CC Cabin / Colorado College / sophomore year

Honor Council orientation at CC Cabin!

I received an email from the Colorado College Honor Council last December saying that my application had been approved. The first meeting of the semester was held on Wednesday at lunch in the McHugh Commons above the Preserve…different from the usual meeting place (the WES Room in Worner).
During the meeting new members introduced themselves while the veterans discussed the changing constitution at CC, as well as the different committees in the Honor Council. Everyone was made aware of the Honor Council orientation session, which would happen from Saturday, January 26th, to Sunday, January 27th. We were told to bring sleeping bags, warm clothes, pen and paper, and our enthusiasm.
I woke up early enough to have brunch with my roommate, and since I was unsure of whether we would have snack time before dinner, I decided to eat a lot.
Bacon sandwich and tater tots, anyone?
my attempt at being healthy…
We departed from campus at roughly 3pm in three different white vans – I rode in Mia’s van, since her van certification driving skills were impressive. Everyone was pretty glad we decided to leave in the afternoon, since Winter Ball was just the night before. We arrived at the Cabin with no trouble, and soon claimed our beds. Then we got down to business.
We started with an introduction session, where everyone stated their full name, what it meant, what year they were in, what they plan on majoring in, and their other extra-curricular activities. The new members were then shown a scenario and expected to question both the “student” and the “teacher”, one after the other. We were then given tips on how to better phrase questions, what to ask and what not to ask, and how to come across as sympathetic but professional to the accused. We had enough time to pair up and meet with our veteran ‘mentor’ before a scrumptious dinner of marinara pasta, garlic bread and salad.
After dinner, we had two Q&A panel sessions: the first focused on the Investigation Process, while the second was on Trial Procedure. It grew pretty late since many liked to debate points or give suggestions on how to improve certain actions taken by the Honor Council, so we were forced to put off the Brainstorming session to the following morning.
After 10pm we split off into groups to play boardgames or just chat. After being introduced to Bananagrams (and bowing out gracefully after 2 near-wins, I might add), I decided to hit the sack. Unrolling a sleeping bag on the top bunk of a CC Cabin bed takes skill after all, and I was pretty tired.
The following morning we were awakened at 8am by the smell of toasted bagels. There were 4 different kinds of bagels – plain, cheese, cinnamon & raisin, and everything on it. With that we had 5 different types of cream cheese – plain, plain less fat, strawberry less fat, honey nut less fat, and one other flavour that had its label missing. With 4 different flavors of CapriSun (fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, pacific cooler, and wild cherry), I think we had a great selection.
We finished off the orientation with the long-awaited Brainstorming session, and departed at 10am (after cleaning up house). It’s always fun to head out to the CC Cabin for bonding with a group of people, but I still miss high-speed internet…and my comfortable (though unfortunately) lofted bed!
it’s Winter so…where’s the snow?

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