Baca / Colorado College / sophomore year

Español at Baca!



Spanish 201 – aka Intermediate Spanish – has finally ended! I’m currently finished with packing for my trip home, so I decided to write about our class trip to CC’s Baca Campus.


We left school at 9am on Saturday, December 8th. The bus trip was quite quiet going to Baca, although we did have fun at the gas stopover – many of us bought food because we hadn’t had the chance to grab breakfast. I did see a particularly funny thing outside of the store though…turns out it’s for cigarettes.
“Butt Can”, anyone?
We reached Baca in time for lunch, and it’s a beautiful campus by the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Of course, us girls immediately went up to the rooftops to take a panorama shot…

For our meals, we walked 5 minutes or so to the restaurant/cafeteria at Baca, The Desert Sage. Our first meal at the Desert Sage was lunch: a salad appetizer, curry chicken and rice for the main course, and chocolate chip cookies (1 per person sadly) for dessert!
After lunch the girls and boys decided to stay in separate houses, so us girls quickly decided who would room with who, and left to choose our rooms and unpack. Allegra, Elaine and I chose one of the rooms upstairs – if the boys planned on coming over at night to hang out, we wanted a quieter room (just in case any of us planned on sleeping early). We had afternoon class in the small library between each of our dorms, and managed to get Glenda to allow us to take pictures during sunset.
After a scrumptious dinner, we gathered at the boys’ house to play cards and hang out. Aside from games like “Never Have I Ever”, and cards games like “King’s Cup” and Poker…
…I learned how to play “Cards Against Humanity” that night. Basically there are 2 sets of cards: the black cards are sentences each person/pair/group has to complete, using answers on the white card. The person/pair/group with the best answer gets to keep the black card, read out the next black card, and judge the best answer to that black card. An example of a pairing would be…
The next day was drastically different – in terms of temperature, at least. I woke up to a nice blanket of snow outside our dorm, and -17 degree weather.
Sadly, even in this cold weather we were expected to walk to get our breakfast. Thus began our ‘long’ treck towards the Desert Sage. I think my face froze and my nose probably fell off half-way through because of the wind. 
Apparently, this cold weather did not excuse us from class either. On Saturday we were separated into groups and given a movie to watch. We were expected to act out a summary of the movie on Sunday, memorizing our lines as well. My group got the movie Cansada De Besar Sapos (“Tired of Kissing Frogs”), a rom-com movie about a girl who dumps her cheating boyfriend, becomes a ‘man-izer’, and finds love again along the way.
After acting out our movies, we had a quiz on the Conditional and Subjunctive tenses. Once again, we started our ‘long’ walk towards the Desert Sage for lunch. At this point someone started quoting Robert Frost with “two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by“. It was probably delirium or hunger that made us all laugh.
After a yummy lunch (hot chili soup, yum!) we slowly made our way back to the dorms. I think the term “penguin huddle” perfectly describes what we looked like.>/span>
After dinner, some of us girls chilled in our dorm with Chips Ahoy and milk, watching Catch Me If You Can. I was too tired to stay up and head over to the boys’ place, especially after trying Elaine’s special whiskey coke…so I decided to call it a night and hit the sack.Having the rest of the afternoon and evening to ourselves, some of the girls decided to brave their way and make the 20-minute walk downtown. They returned victorious with cookies, instant mac n’ cheese, and instant-bake pizza. While Allegra and I accompanied the boys to dinner, the rest of the girls cooked up their grub in our dorm. Sunday dinner was probably my favorite meal of the trip, and I would gladly brave the -18 degree weather for some more mashed potatoes and grilled chicken in stone-ground cream sauce.
After dinner, some of us girls chilled in our dorm with Chips Ahoy and milk, watching Catch Me If You Can. I was too tired to stay up and head over to the boys’ place, especially after trying Elaine’s special whiskey coke…so I decided to call it a night and hit the sack.
We had an early start Monday, with breakfast at 9am instead of the usual 10 o’clock. We each received a brown bag for our packed lunch: turkey bacon sandwich, chips, water and an apple. I really enjoyed the breakfast though: yummy pastries with glazed sugar and strawberry jam, plus sausages and oatmeal with tons of sugar and honey!
After our last meal at Baca, we tidied up our rooms and packed the rest of our belongings. It was a wonderful weekend at Baca – not too long, not too short. I definitely can’t wait to come back in 5th or 6th block with my Latin for Beginners class!

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