Colorado College / sophomore year

Spanish 201…sing it out!


This block I started taking Spanish 201, or “Intermediate Spanish” with Glenda Coto-Ferguson. The first block was spent going over Spanish conjugation at a much faster pace, at least compared to Spanish 101 (or “Beginner Spanish”). We have re-learned Presente Indicativo, Presente Progresivo, Subjuntivo, Preterito and Imperfecto tenses, and we will continue to re-learn tenses such as Futuro and Condicional next block in Spanish 202.
 This block was also dubbed “movie block”, since we watched several Almodovar movies in class. The first one we watched was Todo Sobre Mi Madre (“All About My Mother“), a really interesting movie about a woman exploring Latin America in search for the father of her recently-dead son. The second movie we watched was Hable Con Ella (“Talk To Her“), a movie about two females in a coma and how their male counterparts treat them. In this one scene in Hable Con Ella, the audience sees a silent movie [told by Benigno to his beloved Alicia]. The scene was a bit disturbing, but I remember laughing at Anna, a freshman, when she said “I don’t think I’m mature enough for this yet!” Profe said she might show us Pan’s Labrynth next block – it all depends if everyone is alright with the movie.
We have had two singing project so far in class, and these have been my favorite group activities. The first was when we were put into groups and given a song to sing: we had to identify the subjunctive verbs and change them into indicative verbs for our classmates to conjugate as we sang. Our group’s song was “Ojalá Que Llueva Café” by Juan Luis Guerra, and we won the assignment even if we had only practiced singing 10 minutes before! I think it was because we had 2 girls and 2 guys – we were able to evenly split the chorus so the girls would sing a harmonized back-up, which made the song sound amazing.
For our second song assignment, my group chose to stay together and add two more people from the groups that split up. The assignment was to write a song using different verb tenses. We chose to write a song based on the melody of Lady GaGa’s “Paparrazi“. It was really fun making the video, and in the end our group was chosen as the winner of the song assignment [AGAIN]. I really enjoyed the project, and I hope we’re given a similar assignment next block. To see the video, check out this link:

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