GISHWHES 2012: Scavenger Hunt [VIDEO] submissions!

my last post was about the [IMAGE] submissions for our team’s GISHWHES 2012 items. This post will contain all the [VIDEO] submissions of Team Pram_ChikkaLovesTheCluesBrothersLovesJudsonLovesMurphysLawLovesTheRogueTeamLoves.
Like I said in my previous post, our team was able to submit 59/102 items, gaining us 2,928 out of a possible 9,979 points. Last year’s team won even if they accomplished less than half the items – simply by earning plenty of bonus points (on great lighting, quality and creativity).
Again, this blog post is dedicated to Amanda & Amberly Bolanos, Mary-Kate Harty, Dani Herndon, April Howard, Lizzie Liddy, Nicci Murphy, Tamzen Rillstone, Joseph Roberts, Taylor Swain, Brad Wilson, Richard Mager, and our incredible team leader (and main submitter) Bonnie Mager!

Item #100[VIDEO] In mime, depict one of the following phrases: a) “The pen is mightier than the sword.” b) “You’re the bees knees!” c) “Holkyn kolkyn!” (Inspired by Ida Tamminen) 32 points
Item #101[VIDEO] A couple who has been together for over 60 years sitting on a couch sharing their secrets to a happy and lasting partnership. They must say what city and country they’re living in at the beginning of the video. (Up to 60 SECONDS) 99 points
Item #102[VIDEO] Jog in real “Pumpkin shoes” (you may substitute any squash or gourd), wearing jogging shorts and headphones down a busy sidewalk. 50 points
Item #104[VIDEO] The “Lydia Easter”: Recreate a scene from your favorite movie. Hold on, not so fast! You must film this scene in the EXACT SAME LOCATION that it was filmed in the movie (same bus stop, restaurant, park, castle, shark’s belly, etc.) The actors must be dressed the same, same props, etc. The more identical the scene the more points you will receive. Extra points for depicting a scene from one of Lydia’s favorite movies: “Mao’s Last Dancer” or any of the “Harry Potter” movies. (2 minutes) 100 points

Item #106[VIDEO] Film a Random Act of Kindness and set it to music. (May be up to 90 seconds.) Must include voice over. Note: Your video will be automatically entered into the non-profit Random Acts’ SAARA contest. If your video submission wins the contest, up to $3,000 will be donated to the charity of your choice! See this link for all details: HTTP://WWW.THERANDOMACT.ORG/EVENTS/SAARA/ BE SURE TO SUBMIT THE VIDEO LINK ON THE GISHWHES WEBSITE, not the Random Acts website. We will allocate your GISHWHES points and forward your video to Random Acts. If your team wins the SAARA contest, your team will vote on which charity should receive the donation. If you can’t come to a consensus on which charity to support, we’ll do a blind drawing to select a winner. Good luck! 121 points
Item #107[VIDEO] A man and a woman in full wedding attire, standing perfectly still holding hands in a well-lit crowded public space for 20 minutes. Neither of you can move. This submission must be time-lapsed so the entire 20 minutes is condensed to 20 seconds — fast motion. 79 points
Item #108[VIDEO] Wearing swim flippers and a mask, approach a complete stranger in a public space and then hand them a “seaweed bouquet” with one flower in the middle of it. 82 points

Item #109:[VIDEO] Ever seen this? HTTP://WWW.UPWORTHY.COM/IF-YOUR-DAD-DID-THIS-YOU-ARE-PROBABLY-AN-AWESOME-PERSON?C=UPW3 Let’s do the same thing but edit together multiple kids under the age of 5 singing “It Sucks to Be Me” from the Avenue Q musical. They must be lying down getting ready to nap, playing with toys, painting or drawing or doing other kids things while they’re singing. 79 points

…I think this was one of the videos we rushed, so Bonnie didn’t have time to show us before submitting it to straight to GISHWHES. 
Item #112[VIDEO] A mechanical catapult that sends a pumpkin more than 100 feet across an open field. MUST be mechanical. 284 points

Item #113[VIDEO] Three adult men with facial hair (ideally beards) wearing ballerina costumes, successfully trick-or-treating (getting candy) from an unsuspecting homeowner. (Note: we will be able to tell if the homeowner is actually surprised or not because we have Licensed Homeowner Surprise Analysts on staff.) 49 points
Item #117[VIDEO] Play “Duck Duck Goose” with real ducks and geese. 38 points
Item #118[VIDEO] Create a video of a mock news show (realistic set) where you are at a desk and announce that GISHWHES has taken over the world and what that means for everyone. The more realistic the set/video the more points. 92 points
Item #124[VIDEO] Shoot an erotically charged scene. (No nudity! This is just the erotically charged foreplay). The film must involve a pizza man and the actors can ONLY talk about grammar and fonts. Please use at least three of the following terms, “kerning,” “serif,” “gerund,” “participle,” and “imperfective.” 69 points
Item #129[VIDEO] One of you pulling up to a fast food restaurant drive-thru to order a meal, but instead of ordering a meal, you are only allowed to make sheep noises into the intercom. Must clearly hear the person on the other end of the intercom. (From Mel Clark-Schwartz) 19 points
Item #130[VIDEO] Get your (1) team name or a team member’s full name and (2) GISHWHES mentioned on a broadcast television news program. 153 points
Item #133[VIDEO] A woman wearing traditional shaker attire playing “Dance Dance Revolution”. 52 points
Item #135[VIDEO] A man wearing traditional mariachi attire playing “Guitar Hero”. 51 points
Item #140[VIDEO] A stop-motion film depicting the two by two loading of Noah’s arc and the ensuing flood. 99 points

Item #151[VIDEO] Hurricane Item – Recite these lines from Edna St. Vincent Milay’s poem, “First Fig”: “my candle burns at both ends—-It will not last the night;—-But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends——It gives a lovely light,” with a candle burning at both ends in front of your face. No other sources of light may be visible. In the background, we must hear the droning howl of Hurricane Sandy. 19 points
…AND THAT’S A WRAP! The [VIDEO] links on this blog post and the [IMAGE] list on my previous blog post sum up my first GISHWHES experience. Even though I know my sanity is yelling at me and calling me an idiot right now, I can honestly say that this was probably one of the best experiences of my life…and that I can’t wait for next year!
Lesson Learnt? with Misha Collins, ANYTHING is possible…even crossing the line into insanity.

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