GISHWHES 2012: Scavenger Hunt [IMAGE] submissions!

THAT was insane! GISHWHES 2012 definitely lived up to its reputation, and I think I can truthfully say that this year’s items were crazier than last year’s, by far. As Misha Collins said, “GISHWHES is going beyond that ‘point’ mentally, physically, artistically…and permanently”. Misha Collins, for all the insanity you’ve caused us GISHWHES participants, I believe we’re each entitled to a therapy session paid by yourself, at the very least!
If you read my previous post then you would know the edited list of items for this year’s GISHWHES. I joined as part of a team, and invited my best friends to participate, but unfortunately none of them were able to. Since I was left as an individual I was grouped together with other individuals, and by combining our separate team names the GISHWHES 2012 panel give us the team name… Pram_ChikkaLovesTheCluesBrothersLovesJudsonLovesMurphysLawLovesTheRogueTeamLoves
This year was my first year participating, since I missed the registration for last year’s GISHWHES. My team did an AMAZING job, even if some of us were affected by Hurricane Sandy. This blog post is therefore dedicated to Amanda & Amberly Bolanos, Mary-Kate Harty, Dani Herndon, April Howard, Lizzie Liddy, Nicci Murphy, Tamzen Rillstone, Joseph Roberts, Taylor Swain, Brad Wilson, Richard Mager and our incredible leader (and main submitter) Bonnie Mager!
We submitted 59/152 items, for a total of 2,928 points out of a possible score of 9,979. Last year’s group got less than half of the items and won on bonus points (for great quality, lighting and creativity) so I’m hoping that happens to us too!
I will be splitting the post between pictures and videos, so this post shall be our [IMAGE] items only…the following post will contain the videos. Some of the [IMAGE] items below don’t have the pictures because Bonnie, our main submitter, sent them straight to GISHWHES instead of posting it on our private group.

Item #3: [IMAGE] A storm trooper in full costume including leggings (not just the mask!) cleaning a pool. We must see someone lounging in a swimsuit holding a cocktail nearby. 78 points.

Item #4: [IMAGE] Help someone who has been injured or whose home has been damaged by hurricane Sandy. 60 points

Item #5: [IMAGE] Let’s see what Twister would look like with 13 people. Each person must be wearing only one color of clothing, i.e. all yellow, or all red and no two people can be wearing the same color clothing. 56 points

Item #6: [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – If your child were a prodigy artist and had a marker and you were deep asleep and they were inspired to “beautify” your face, what would the result be? 8 points

Item #7: [IMAGE] 3 adults and a dog sitting on chairs around a table in a public library. The humans are reading Dr. Seuss books. The dog is wearing prescription eyeglasses and reading Kant. 23 points

Item #8: [IMAGE] Ever seen the movie “The Hangover”? Let’s see the aftermath of the most debaucherous party ever. Photo must be taken at the home of a team member’s parents. 38 points

Item #13: [IMAGE] An op-ed piece published in a local paper about how “petty, vindictive birds are stealing from the elderly!” 23 points.
Item #14: [IMAGE] A person in a business suit with a leather briefcase jumping into leaf pile. 18 points

Item #16: [IMAGE] Knit a scarf that is at least 12 feet long and is being worn by 3 people at one time. 32 points

Item #17: [IMAGE] Thread the stem of an actual, still-green, four-leafed clover through the hole of a nose piercing. 12 points
Item #19: [IMAGE] A uniformed Burger King employee enjoying a McDonald’s Happy Meal. 33 points

Item #22: [IMAGE] We’ve all heard of a “flea circus”. What do “flea strip clubs” look like? 28 points

Item #24: [IMAGE] The president, king, chancellor, premiere or prime minister of a nation modelling a brazier. 141 points

Item #31: [IMAGE] Unionize GISHWHES. 38 points

Item #32: [IMAGE] Fifteen children in Halloween costumes each holding up a sign with a different letter that, combined, say “GISHWHES or Treat” 19 points

Item #34: [IMAGE] Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980.) 98 points

Item #35: [IMAGE] Draw or paint a portrait of Misha Collins and the Queen of England, both dressed in Steampunk, riding on a single stallion. 28 points
…I would have loved to see this one, haha!
Item #37: [IMAGE] A screen cap of a chat thread on Misha Collins’ IMDB page. The thread must be started by a user with your team’s name and must pose an unusual question about Misha’s personal life, such as, “Is it true that Misha Collins eats nothing but the hearts of human babies?” Or “Why doesn’t Misha have any fingers?” 14 points

Item #40: [IMAGE] Create a portrait of Jensen Ackles entirely out of skittles doing his pouty “Blue Steel” look. Must be AT LEAST 2 feet by 2 feet. 38 points

Item #45: [IMAGE] Let’s see your team displayed like the “Brady Bunch” opening credits except there are 3 rows of 5 pictures (versus the 3X3 we know from the “Brady Bunch” opening credits points). The submission must be 1 image with the 15 frames in it. Each of you must be wearing 70s attire and must look VERY emotionally unbalanced. 15 points

Item #49: [IMAGE] Build a teahouse under a bridge from recycled materials. Have a cup of tea in it. 73 points

Item #51: [IMAGE] How long was Miss Jean Louis’s “kale binge”? One might find the answer on one of our social media platforms. 29 points

Item #54: [IMAGE] Elmo Gone Wrong. What would a Tickle-Me-Elmo look like if it had a serious crystal meth problem? 31 points

Item #57: [IMAGE] Create a public chalk art piece diagramming Kant’s categorical imperative. 19 point

Item #59: [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Knit a “GISHWHES” vest for a cat with matching booties. 43 points

Item #60: [IMAGE] Sign and have notarized (or equivalent of notarized in your country) an affidavit vowing never to build raised garden boxes within the city limits of South Pasadena. 34 points
Item #62: [IMAGE] Build a model of the death scene of Galois in miniature out of legumes. 43 points

Item #65: [IMAGE] Create a 2 foot-high dinosaur out of sanitary napkins. 50 points

Item #69: [IMAGE] You and a friend must take at least 50 of your stuffed animals/dolls on a field trip to a grocery store. All of the stuffed animals/dolls must EITHER be attached to your clothing or in a grocery cart or both. 63 points

Item #71: [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Sculpt your hair with gel, wires, tape, ornaments, animals, and whatever else into what someone would undoubtedly have to classify as the Most Epic Hair Hat the World Has Ever Seen (MEHHWHES) 29 points

#Item #75 [IMAGE] You handing coats you’ve collected from your closet, friends and neighbors to a local shelter. 70 points

Item #77: [IMAGE] If your team could give the entire world one piece of advice, what would it be? Have one a team member hold a sign bearing the statement over their head in front of an internationally recognizable landmark. 38 points

Item #78: [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – A one-page GISHWHES comic strip involving a rhinoceros, a tangerine, and an appendectomy. 33 points

Item #80: [IMAGE] You posing with a “spaghetti gun” and wearing a woven “spaghetti-hunting jacket”. Spaghetti may be cooked or uncooked. 42 points

Item #83: [IMAGE] You holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of an apple. You must have a gold frame suspended around your head. (Inspired by nakedontheimpalacoveredinbees) 33 points

Item #86: [IMAGE] A Bejeweled Bosom covered with nothing but jewels (Inspired by Erin Leigh Winchester) 36 points

Item #87: [IMAGE] Catch the Snipe and show us what it looks like in oil paint. (Inspired by Obadiah Kliest) 17 points

Item #88: [IMAGE] The Maryann Elizabeth Voisinet. Write a 10-line epically beautiful brilliant love poem addressed to “My Dearest Maryann Elizabeth Voisinet”. In addition to whatever else you put in the poem, include something about how much you like her cooking. The poem should be from your team name. Take a picture of the poem and submit the link here. YOU MUST ALSO mail the love poem to her with a small dried flower to PO BOX 99185, Raleigh, NC USA 27624. It must reach her by November 15th so we can confirm it was sent. 20 points

 Since you can’t really read the poem, it says:
My Dearest Maryann Elizabeth Voisinet,
Oft I remember when I see the starlit sky,
thine eyes upon thine face upon thine body
twinkling gently, as you handed me the kidney pie
Enthralled, I was, as I took a small slice,
And I whispered softly in the candle light
That your cooking was rather nice.
And as our indigestion gradually waned,
We sated ourselves beneath the sheets,
And when your twinkling eyes rested on mine
I cried out “coitus complete!”
Item #92: [IMAGE] A schlemiel and a schlemazl sharing a schmear of schmaltz and getting shickered outside of a shul. (From Nicole Ansell) 19 points
…to be honest, I have NO IDEA what this item is asking for…
Item #95: [IMAGE] Kilt made entirely of sliced cucumbers. Must be worn by a man. (From Xiomara Dilrosun) 104 points

Item #98: [IMAGE] A dog taking a human for a walk. Human must be on all fours and have a collar around their neck and the dog must have the leash in his mouth. (From Michelle Rogatski) 34 points

Item #146: [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Make a children’s doll from items found in your refrigerator or pantry. Go ahead and really creep us out with this one. 24 points

Item #148: [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – A picture of you and a loved one kissing. Here’s the catch though – you must have at least 11 food items between your lips and the lips of your loved one. 29 points

…and there you have it, our [IMAGE] items for GISHWHES 2012! I shall post the videos as soon as possible, probably this weekend to make sure I have most (if not all of them) downloaded and ready to be uploaded.

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