EDITED List of GISHWHES 2012 Items

Like it says in the title, this is the EDITED List of GISHWHES 2012 Items.
[IMAGE] = photo
[VIDEO] = less than 30 seconds long unless otherwise specified
There are a number of items below that have the word “Hurricane” in front of them. Although they can be completed by anyone, they are designed to be completed by people who might be home-bound with no electricity for the next few days because of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast in the US. Please note, if the power outages are prolonged, we may extend the deadline for these items (and perhaps all others) past the end of the hunt. Remember, if you’re on the East Coast and your authorities have told you to stay inside, FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS! Do NOT go outside. Be safe and good luck!
1.             Guinness Item Coming Soon! Stay tuned! 0 points — We are going to attempt to shatter the Guinness World Record for the “Most Pledges to Commit a Random Act of Kindness.” The current record is 74,379 pledges held by Guinness Breweries. Let’s take the throne! Your team must collect “pledges” from individuals pledging to do a Random Act. Click THIS LINK and follow instructions; don’t click the submit button here. (You get 1 point for every 2 pledges – up to 350 points maximum. It’s only 47 per team member, but we expect you to exceed this because this isn’t all about points. Is it?) 0 points
2.             [IMAGE] A four-post, queen-sized bed with headboard and footboard. On the bed: a sleeping person. Over the person: A comforter. Under the person’s head: A pillow. Bed, person, comforter and pillow must all be situated in a Wal-Mart parking lot. 62 points
3.             [IMAGE] A storm trooper in full costume including leggings (not just the mask!) cleaning a pool. We must see someone lounging in a swimsuit holding a cocktail nearby. 78 points
4.             [IMAGE] Help someone who has been injured or whose home has been damaged by hurricane Sandy. 60 points
5.             [IMAGE] Let’s see what Twister would look like with 13 people. Each person must be wearing only one color of clothing, i.e. all yellow, or all red and no two people can be wearing the same color clothing. 56 points

6.             [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – If your child were a prodigy artist and had a marker and you were deep asleep and they were inspired to “beautify” your face, what would the result be? 8 points
7.             [IMAGE] 3 adults and a dog sitting on chairs around a table in a public library. The humans are reading Dr. Seuss books. The dog is wearing prescription eyeglasses and reading Kant. 23 points
8.             [IMAGE] Ever seen the movie “The Hangover”? Let’s see the aftermath of the most debaucherous party ever. Photo must be taken at the home of a team member’s parents. 38 points
9.             [IMAGE] Using a Zamboni and dyes, draw a giant frowny face on an ice-skating rink. 72 points
10.         IMAGE] Find an object that was manufactured the day and year you were born in city or town of your birth. Prove it. (Note: the “object” in question cannot be you or your twin.) 34 points
11.         [IMAGE] Submit a “Freedom of Information Act” request for your personal files. 5 points
12.         [IMAGE] Creatively edit the Wikipedia entry for Jared Padelecki to seamlessly include your team name and some mention of his abiding admiration of Misha Collins. 6 points —[WEBSITE] Create the Misha Collins fan site that Jared Padelecki would build if he only knew HTML. Submit the website URL. 6 points
13.         [IMAGE] An op-ed piece published in a local paper about how “petty, vindictive birds are stealing from the elderly!” 23 points
14.         [IMAGE] A person in a business suit with a leather briefcase jumping into leaf pile. 18 points
15.         [IMAGE] Five parking tickets made out to the same license plate on the same day in the same municipality. 66 points
16.         [IMAGE] Knit a scarf that is at least 12 feet long and is being worn by 3 people at one time. 32 points
17.         [IMAGE] Thread the stem of an actual, still-green, four-leafed clover through the hole of a nose piercing. 12 points
18.         [IMAGE] You and 8 of your friends standing outside the Copenhagen City Hall. One of you, smiling, is holding a large sign that says: “Denmark – ranked 2012 ‘World’s Happiest Country!’” Everyone else in the photo must be either pissed off or crying. Mascara must be running. 18 points
19.         [IMAGE] A uniformed Burger King employee enjoying a McDonald’s Happy Meal. 33 points
20.         [IMAGE] Get a tour of a sauerkraut factory. Photo must depict at least 50 gallons of uncanned sauerkraut and a team member wearing a single sequenced sequined glove. 63 points
21.         [IMAGE] The inside of an ICBM missile silo decorated for Halloween. Remember, it must be a real ICBM silo to qualify. “Interpretation” will dock points from your team… unless it’s really good! 190 points
22.         [IMAGE] We’ve all heard of a “flea circus”. What do “flea strip clubs” look like? 28 points
23.         [IMAGE] A GISHWHES counter-rally at an Obama or Romney campaign stop. Must include at least 5 people with large picket signs. 54 points
24.         [IMAGE] The president, king, chancellor, premiere or prime minister of a nation modeling a brazier. 141 points
25.         [IMAGE] Calendar item: A photo of a scantily clad fireman (or firemen) whose skimpy attire is made entirely from kale. Model must be posing in front of a fire truck. Bonus points if, behind him, water is shooting up into the air from a hose or hydrant. 71 points
26.         [IMAGE] Proof that a team member’s family tree leads to Genghis Khan.  24 points
27.         [IMAGE] A photo of someone using one of those ancient 1800s cameras — you know the ones with the wooden tripod and the black cloth — taking a photo of a commodore 64 computer that’s resting on a wooden stool. 49 points
28.         [IMAGE] A live monkey or ape wearing a sock monkey hat while trying to extract burnt toast from a toaster. 82 points
29.         [IMAGE] Have a romantic dinner with a marionette puppet at a 2- or 3-star Michelin restaurant. A puppeteer clad in black must control the marionette. The puppeteer must not eat. 86 points
30.         [IMAGE] Show up at Second Beach in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada on November 4th at noon with 500 popsicle sticks, a spool of sewing thread and quick-drying glue. 90 points
31.         [IMAGE] Unionize GISHWHES. 38 points
32.         [IMAGE] Fifteen children in Halloween costumes each holding up a sign with a different letter that, combined, say “GISHWHES or Treat” 19 points
33.         [IMAGE] Get your team name and “GISHWHES” on a billboard. Must include commercial-looking graphics, and must be at least 100 square feet on an actual, commercial billboard.131 points
34.         [IMAGE] Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980.) 98 points
35.         [IMAGE] Draw or paint a portrait of Misha Collins and the Queen of England, both dressed in Steampunk, riding on a single stallion. 28 points
36.         [IMAGE] Hug a uniformed Veteran. 42 points
37.         [IMAGE] A screen cap of a chat thread on Misha Collins’ IMDB page. The thread must be started by a user with your team’s name and must pose an unusual question about Misha’s personal life, such as, “Is it true that Misha Collins eats nothing but the hearts of human babies?” Or “Why doesn’t Misha have any fingers?” 14 points
38.         [IMAGE] A Hell’s Angels (or at least a tough & leathered biker) with an authentic Teletubby tattoo. 69 points
39.         [IMAGE] You and 3 of your friends/family dressed like Egyptians in a chariot on the steps of the Wellington Monument in Dublin. 71 points
40.         [IMAGE] Create a portrait of Jensen Ackles entirely out of skittles doing his pouty “Blue Steel” look. Must be AT LEAST 2 feet by 2 feet. 38 points
41.         [IMAGE] A real full-sized commercial Blimp or hot-air balloon, in the air, that’s been completely covered in brightly colored autumn maple leaves. 299 points
42.         [IMAGE] There is a quote on a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of a bench overlooking the bay in Sausalito. Find it and follow directions. If the paper disappears the points will be deducted from the last team to submit a link. 32 points
43.         [IMAGE] Go to the Grimm Brother’s statue with 10 of your friends and dress up and pose as a “Fairy Tale gone bad!” 29 points
44.         [IMAGE] What happens when you roast Barbie and Ken (in an embrace) with an assortment of root vegetables? You will be penalized if you eat the roasted vegetables. You also will probably die as they will be toxic from the roasted plastic. 19 points
45.         [IMAGE] Let’s see your team displayed like the “Brady Bunch” opening credits except there are 3 rows of 5 pictures (versus the 3X3 we know from the “Brady Bunch” opening credits points). The submission must be 1 image with the 15 frames in it. Each of you must be wearing 70s attire and must look VERY emotionally unbalanced. 15 points
46.         [IMAGE] Your head in a sock monkey hat mounted like a hunting trophy on a wall next to a taxidermy moose head. 113 points
47.         [IMAGE] It’s time to get organized! Create a filing system for chickens in a chicken coup. 52 points
48.         [IMAGE] What do you look like sleeping? What does a close-up of your child smiling in your kitchen look like? What would a cake look like if your child made it with no help from you? And what would your child’s face look like if he or she could eat the cake while you’re still sleeping? MUST SUBMIT AS ONE PICTURE with the four images edited together in progression side-by-side. 31 points
49.         [IMAGE] Build a teahouse under a bridge from recycled materials. Have a cup of tea in it. 73 points
50.         [IMAGE] Belgium is known for its beer. Go to A La Becasse Brewery and hold up a GISHWHES labeled beer. 61 points
51.         [IMAGE] How long was Miss Jean Louis’s “kale binge”? One might find the answer on one of our social media platforms. 29 points
52.         [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Build a real igloo-doghouse in the snow. Dog must be visible in the doorway. GISHWHES must be written in food coloring on the doghouse. 58 points
53.         [IMAGE] Carve a Jill O’Lantern! Carve a pumpkin to look like a feminized Misha Collins. Bonus points for realism. 61 points
54.         [IMAGE] Elmo Gone Wrong. What would a Tickle-Me-Elmo look like if it had a serious crystal meth problem? 31 points
55.         [IMAGE] A man in a chicken suit in the pilot seat of a commercial jet. 132 points
56.         [IMAGE] Drop a school bus (may be a toy bus) into red, molten lava from an active volcano.145 points
57.         [IMAGE] Create a public chalk art piece diagramming Kant’s categorical imperative. 19 points
58.         [IMAGE] You and your friend at a children’s hospital giving a sock or real puppet show. 48 points
59.         [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Knit a “GISHWHES” vest for a cat with matching booties. 43 points
60.         [IMAGE] Sign and have notarized (or equivalent of notarized in your country) an affidavit vowing never to build raised garden boxes within the city limits of South Pasadena. 34 points
61.         [IMAGE] What would you and your friend look like if you were a human-sized burrito and taco standing side by side? 57 points
62.         [IMAGE] Build a model of the death scene of Galois in miniature out of legumes. 43 points
63.         [IMAGE] 5 uniformed postal workers hula hooping in front of a post office. 108 points
64.         [IMAGE] Attend a professional soccer (a.k.a. “football” everywhere but North America) game dressed in a US football uniform. Pads, helmet, cleats, etc. 72 points
65.         [IMAGE] Create a 2 foot-high dinosaur out of sanitary napkins. 50 points
66.         [IMAGE] Skydive while holding up a sign that imbeds, “GISHWHES” in a phrase. For example, your sign could say, “Lose your dignity — join GISHWHES.” Or “GISHWHES made me do it.” 168 points
67.         [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Find prime factorization for RSA-210. 120 points
68.         [IMAGE] There is a quote on a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of a bench in front of a massive LCD screen in Wuhan, China. Find it and follow directions. If the note disappears the points will be deducted from the last team to the last team to submit a link to an image. 52 points
69.         [IMAGE] You and a friend must take at least 50 of your stuffed animals/dolls on a field trip to a grocery store. All of the stuffed animals/dolls must EITHER be attached to your clothing or in a grocery cart or both. 63 points
70.         [IMAGE] Recreate the snake’s seduction of Eve at a bus stop. Fig leaf, apple, snake, etc. 41 points
71.         [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Sculpt your hair with gel, wires, tape, ornaments, animals, and whatever else into what someone would undoubtedly have to classify as the Most Epic Hair Hat the World Has Ever Seen (MEHHWHES) 29 points
72.         [IMAGE] A Yoga class in a yoga studio with at least 10 participants doing the same pose. Unlike everyone else, however, you must be wearing full skiwear including ski boots, skis, hat and goggles. 56 points
73.         [IMAGE] Break your own world record. 20 points
74.         [IMAGE] A bookstore on the Left Bank declares “Be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise.” Stand in front of this Parisian landmark dressed as an angel holding up a sign saying, “Don’t touch me.” 64 points
75.         [IMAGE] You handing coats you’ve collected from your closet, friends and neighbors to a local shelter. 70 points
76.         [IMAGE] Make a gorgeous wig out of cheese puffs and/or popcorn. Go shopping for diamonds wearing it. The image must show you in the wig, at the jewelry display case, talking to the sales agent, as you browse the diamonds. 77 points
77.         [IMAGE] If your team could give the entire world one piece of advice, what would it be? Have one a team member hold a sign bearing the statement over their head in front of an internationally recognizable landmark. 38 points
78.         [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – A one-page GISHWHES comic strip involving a rhinoceros, a tangerine, and an appendectomy. 33 points
79.         [IMAGE] Rio is the location for the next summer Olympics. In front of the Christ the Redeemer statue, you and 6 of your friends must all be dressed in different Olympian athlete event costumes, and each of you must have at least one piece of equipment (bow and arrow, javelin, pole vault, discus, paddle, puck, etc.) and must be posing as if you were competing in the sport. You may NOT choose tennis, cycling, golf, basketball or football/soccer. If you choose equestrian as one of them, we must see the horse. 68 points
80.         [IMAGE] You posing with a “spaghetti gun” and wearing a woven “spaghetti-hunting jacket”. Spaghetti may be cooked or uncooked. 42 points
81.         [IMAGE] We want to see what the inside of Area 51’s most secret storage room looks like. 42 points
82.         [IMAGE] Let’s see you make a snow angel. But instead of making it from snow, make it from Jello on your kitchen floor (Inspired by Nin Pipariperho) 19 points
83.         [IMAGE] You holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of an apple. You must have a gold frame suspended around your head. (Inspired by nakedontheimpalacoveredinbees) 33 points
84.         [IMAGE] Stand next to a REAL Olympic gold or silver medal winner. They must have their arms upraised in victory but you must be biting on the medal while it’s around their neck. Must include medal winner’s name in the photo (Inspired by Paige Barton) 98 points
85.         [IMAGE] Cultural exchange: Have dinner with a Sunni and a Shiite or a Hutu and a Tutsi. 64 points
86.         [IMAGE] A Bejeweled Bosom covered with nothing but jewels (Inspired by Erin Leigh Winchester) 36 points
87.         [IMAGE] Catch the Snipe and show us what it looks like in oil paint. (Inspired by Obadiah Kliest) 17 points
88.         [IMAGE] The Maryann Elizabeth Voisinet. Write a 10-line epically beautiful brilliant love poem addressed to “My Dearest Maryann Elizabeth Voisinet”. In addition to whatever else you put in the poem, include something about how much you like her cooking. The poem should be from your team name. Take a picture of the poem and submit the link here. YOU MUST ALSO mail the love poem to her with a small dried flower to PO BOX 99185, Raleigh, NC USA 27624. It must reach her by November 15th so we can confirm it was sent. 20 points
89.         [IMAGE] A priest, a rabbi and a minister all walk into a bar. (Inspired by Miss Alexandra Roberts) 27 points
90.         [IMAGE] High Tea – a formal tea party replete with parasols, silverware and a string quartet situated in a junkyard or garbage dump. 56 points
91.         [IMAGE] Table a motion 18 points
92.         [IMAGE] A schlemiel and a schlemazl sharing a schmear of schmaltz and getting shickered outside of a shul. (From Nicole Ansell) 19 points
93.         [IMAGE] Using only items found around you (either at work, home, or school), construct a vehicle capable of adventure and mayhem! Vehicle must be transporting a crew of three or more in full battle gear! (From Kat Green) 56 points
94.         [IMAGE] Paint a large unicorn on a military transport truck. You MUST have permission to do so. 114 points
95.         [IMAGE] Kilt made entirely of sliced cucumbers. Must be worn by a man. (From Xiomara Dilrosun) 104 points
96.         [IMAGE] In front of Hallgrimskirkja, you and a friend hold up two signs and two bags of ice. One sign says “Welcome to Iceland!” the other says “Keep your hands off our ice!” 41 points
97.         [IMAGE] Santa Clause in line at the post office with a SACK FULL OF TOYS. Must be at least 10 people in line with him. (From Sarah Charbonneau) 32 points
98.         [IMAGE] A dog taking a human for a walk. Human must be on all fours and have a collar around their neck and the dog must have the leash in his mouth. (From Michelle Rogatski) 34 points
99.         [VIDEO] Big wheel race time. 4 adults racing on plastic big wheels. They must all be wearing formal attire. 38 points
100.     [VIDEO] In mime, depict one of the following phrases: a) “The pen is mightier than the sword.” b) “You’re the bees knees!” c) “Holkyn kolkyn!” (Inspired by Ida Tamminen) 32 points
101.     [VIDEO] A couple who has been together for over 60 years sitting on a couch sharing their secrets to a happy and lasting partnership. They must say what city and country they’re living in at the beginning of the video. (Up to 60 SECONDS) 99 points
102.     [VIDEO] Jog in real “Pumpkin shoes” (you may substitute any squash or gourd), wearing jogging shorts and headphones down a busy sidewalk. 50 points
103.     [VIDEO] Two three-year-olds wearing suits and ties standing at a lectern explaining the Greek debt crisis to the camera. 28 points
104.     [VIDEO] The “Lydia Easter”: Recreate a scene from your favorite movie. Hold on, not so fast! You must film this scene in the EXACT SAME LOCATION that it was filmed in the movie (same bus stop, restaurant, park, castle, shark’s belly, etc.) The actors must be dressed the same, same props, etc. The more identical the scene the more points you will receive. Extra points for depicting a scene from one of Lydia’s favorite movies: “Mao’s Last Dancer” or any of the “Harry Potter” movies. (2 minutes) 100 points
105.     [VIDEO] The first meeting of an adopted child with their biological parent. We will know if this is staged with “actors”. Don’t lie — bad karma is not a good thing. 148 points
106.     [VIDEO] Film a Random Act of Kindness and set it to music. (May be up to 90 seconds.) Must include voice over. Note: Your video will be automatically entered into the non-profit Random Acts’ SAARA contest. If your video submission wins the contest, up to $3,000 will be donated to the charity of your choice! See this link for all details:HTTP://WWW.THERANDOMACT.ORG/EVENTS/SAARA/ BE SURE TO SUBMIT THE VIDEO LINK ON THE GISHWHES WEBSITE, not the Random Acts website. We will allocate your GISHWHES points and forward your video to Random Acts. If your team wins the SAARA contest, your team will vote on which charity should receive the donation. If you can’t come to a consensus on which charity to support, we’ll do a blind drawing to select a winner. Good luck! 121 points
107.     [VIDEO] A man and a woman in full wedding attire, standing perfectly still holding hands in a well-lit crowded public space for 20 minutes. Neither of you can move. This submission must be time-lapsed so the entire 20 minutes is condensed to 20 seconds — fast motion. 79 points
108.     [VIDEO] Wearing swim flippers and a mask, approach a complete stranger in a public space and then hand them a “seaweed bouquet” with one flower in the middle of it. 82 points
109.     [VIDEO] Ever seen this? HTTP://WWW.UPWORTHY.COM/IF-YOUR-DAD-DID-THIS-YOU-ARE-PROBABLY-AN-AWESOME-PERSON?C=UPW3 Let’s do the same thing but edit together multiple kids under the age of 5 singing “It Sucks to Be Me” from the Avenue Q musical. They must be lying down getting ready to nap, playing with toys, painting or drawing or doing other kids things while they’re singing. 79 points
110.     [VIDEO] Let’s see your family dress and pose and create the “Worst Family Holiday Card Ever”. Note: everyone must be holding a cucumber. If you use an image already on the Internet and try to “doctor” in the cucumbers your team will be docked 60 points. 60 points
111.     [VIDEO] Created a choreographed lip-synced dance performance to one of Jason Manns’ or Rob Bennedict’s (Louden Swain’s) songs. Must be dynamic, must really tell a story, must involve costumes (and costume changes points) and must have a cast of at least 15. 123 points
112.     [VIDEO] A mechanical catapult that sends a pumpkin more than 100 feet across an open field. MUST be mechanical. 284 points
113.     [VIDEO] Three adult men with facial hair (ideally beards) wearing ballerina costumes, successfully trick-or-treating (getting candy) from an unsuspecting homeowner. (Note: we will be able to tell if the homeowner is actually surprised or not because we have Licensed Homeowner Surprise Analysts on staff.) 49 points
114.     [VIDEO] Give a psychic reading to a psychic with a crystal ball. 40 points
115.     [VIDEO] Three of you dress up like frogs and play “leapfrog” in your local Starbucks or chain coffee shop. We must see patrons and must hear “Ribbit!” each time you leap. 31 points
116.     [VIDEO] Get a full church choir (in a church!) to sing a 30 second remixed version of Willow Smit’s “I whip my hair back and forth.” But there’s a catch: Unlike the original version, which is an assault on both the senses and humanity itself, this rendition actually has to be musical and moving. 91 points
117.     [VIDEO] Play “Duck Duck Goose” with real ducks and geese. 38 points
118.     [VIDEO] Create a video of a mock news show (realistic set) where you are at a desk and announce that GISHWHES has taken over the world and what that means for everyone. The more realistic the set/video the more points. 92 points
119.     [VIDEO] Recite “The Raven” to a crow. 21 points
120.     [VIDEO] Have a native speaker of Zigeuner say the following, “I was having trouble with my sex life until I joined GISHWHES. Now things are going great in bed.” 82 points —[IMAGE] Sew a one-piece outfit that covers your entire body except for your hands, feet, and head. It should be made from 21 different pieces of fabric. Multiple colors is acceptable. You must be wearing it, and a Captain’s hat. Pose in front of your local Post Office and stand at “Attention” when your photo is taken. 51 points
121.     [VIDEO] A group of at least 8 people wearing newspaper hats, performing the Haka in a government building. (Inspired by Yeal Rosen) 33 points
122.     [VIDEO] Dress in a homemade GISHWHES cheerleader outfit and stand outside a metro station or office building and cheer people on going in to work. (From Deby G) 30 points
123.     [VIDEO] Build an abacus from human beings. Use it to calculate something for a passerby. 77 points
124.     [VIDEO] Shoot an erotically charged scene. (No nudity! This is just the erotically charged foreplay). The film must involve a pizza man and the actors can ONLY talk about grammar and fonts. Please use at least three of the following terms, “kerning,” “serif,” “gerund,” “participle,” and “imperfective.” 69 points
125.     [VIDEO] Have an octogenarian teach you how to do the Charleston. 53 points
126.     [VIDEO] Get an orchestra in a symphony hall with at least 25 instruments to play “Carry On My Wayward Son”. 225 points
127.     [VIDEO] You in a flight attendant uniform, on a public transit system (that is NOT an airplane). Once the passengers are seated, give a full safety demonstration. Use props and carefully choreographed gestures. (Inspired by Cherylyn Crill) 75 points
128.     [VIDEO] Get His Serene Highness Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein to endorse your team. 132 points
129.     [VIDEO] One of you pulling up to a fast food restaurant drive-thru to order a meal, but instead of ordering a meal, you are only allowed to make sheep noises into the intercom. Must clearly hear the person on the other end of the intercom. (From Mel Clark-Schwartz) 19 points
130.     [VIDEO] Get your (1) team name or a team member’s full name and (2) GISHWHES mentioned on a broadcast television news program. 153 points
131.     [VIDEO] Recode a version of the original Pac Man so that the ghosts are now unicorns and Pac Man is the face of George Bush. Then play a game. 111 points
132.     [VIDEO] A rocking horse wearing a sock monkey hat skiing off a regulation-sized ski-jump. (No passengers allowed!) 123 points
133.     [VIDEO] A woman wearing traditional shaker attire playing “Dance Dance Revolution”. 52 points
134.     [VIDEO] Create a petition to declare P does NOT equal NP and get strangers on the street to sign it. Must include a convincing pitch about the dangers of P=NP. 23 points
135.     [VIDEO] A man wearing traditional mariachi attire playing “Guitar Hero”. 51 points
136.     [VIDEO] March to a different drummer. 10 people in a busy, indoor shopping mall must be marching in sync to the beat of a snare drum being played loudly by an 11th person. Another person must be marching nearby to a distinctly different beat played by a second drummer. 63 points
137.     [VIDEO] A rock band performing in front of an audience of at least 1000 people. They must say at the microphone, “This next one is a new song. We’ve never played it in front of a live audience before. It’s going to be the first song on our next album and we hope you love it…” And then they must sing the song “Three Blind Mice” in rounds. 280 points
138.     [VIDEO] A woman, in a clean empty room, sitting in lotus position in the middle of at least five live snakes. She must be rubbing oil onto her arms from a silver bowl and clearly be enjoying it. The more snakes the more points. They must be real snakes. If they’re not, points will be deducted from your team. Go for the best photo/video quality. 220 points
139.     [VIDEO] It’s Halloween! Carve GISHWHES into a pumpkin. Wait for nightfall. Have a child with a flashlight hide inside the pumpkin pop out and scream “GISHWHES.” Hint: must be an enormous pumpkin for a child to fit in it. 80 points
140.     [VIDEO] A stop-motion film depicting the two by two loading of Noah’s arc and the ensuing flood. 99 points
141.     [VIDEO] Watch the TV show Supernatural on a black and white TV set powered by an antique stream-fed wooden watermill. Your video must be a continuous, unedited shot that starts showing us the water going into the water-wheel then moves to show the belts powering a generator, which in turn powers the TV. 287 points
142.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Pun item: It’s called “Hurricane Sandy” for a reason. Show us why.18 points
143.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Local news coverage of a very sweet and heroic act that your team perpetrated in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Must mention GISHWHES or your team name or at the very least, the term “scavenger hunt.” 91 points
144.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Someone with their thumb out to hitch hike in front of a subway or metro stop that has been closed due to weather on the eastern coast of the US. Note: this photo must, like all other “outdoor” items, be taken AFTER your local authorities have said it’s safe to go outside, but before the public transit system is back up and running. 33 points
145.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Someone skateboarding on the floor of an otherwise empty New York Stock exchange taken mid-day. 148 points
146.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Make a children’s doll from items found in your refrigerator or pantry. Go ahead and really creep us out with this one. 24 points
147.     [VIDEO] Hurricane Item – Make a comfortable fort in your living room using furniture, sheets, pillows, towels and curtains. From inside your fort, show a storm raging outside your window. This video must clearly show high winds and rain outside the window and the window must have an “X” of masking tape across it. 32 points
148.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – A picture of you and a loved one kissing. Here’s the catch though – you must have at least 11 food items between your lips and the lips of your loved one. 29 points
149.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Draw or paint a picture of Miss Jean Louis riding a school bus like a horse as it flies off a cliff into a volcano. There can be no passengers and she must have a dialogue bubble above her head that says something she would definitely say at this moment.32 points
150.     [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – It’s Medieval Battle Time! Huzzah! You and a friend or loved one, dress up in your best battle gear/armory comprised entirely of kitchen ware. You can be wearing nothing else. Strike dueling poses. 39 points
151.     [VIDEO] Hurricane Item – Recite these lines from Edna St. Vincent Milay’s poem, “First Fig”: “my candle burns at both ends—-It will not last the night;—-But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends——It gives a lovely light,” with a candle burning at both ends in front of your face. No other sources of light may be visible. In the background, we must hear the droning howl of Hurricane Sandy. 19 points
[VIDEO] “The Maryam Al-Thani” – Dress up in Amish clothes, and use a horse or horses to tow your car into the parking lot of a corporate office building complex with “Gangnam Style” playing out of the car’s stereo.  70 points

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