Colorado College

I have an iPhone!

I spent around 2-3 weeks emailing Verizon Wireless’ customer service after finding out that they offered iPhones to customers without Social Security Numbers. I was fed up with AT&T’s lousy service, so I decided to look into other carriers. It turns out that as of October 15th this year, the iPhone 4 and 4S were being offered on PREPAID! I immediately called the Verizon store at Broadmore to ask if they had a black iPhone 4S available, but sadly they only had the 16gb version in stock. This meant that I had to say bye-bye to quite a bit of my 2,767 songs on iTunes (roughly 14-15gb worth). After 2 hours of difficult choices, I managed to reduce my iTunes library to 9.82gb worth, or 1795 songs.

All this was done yesterday, so today I called the Verizon store to make sure that the shipment of the iPhone 4S had arrived. I asked the guy if I needed to bring anything – like a student I.D. – when purchasing the prepaid iPhone. Confusingly, he told me that according to his knowledge, Verizon doesn’t offer iPhones on prepaid plans. 

I spoke to my roommate about it and she told me to go anyways. I printed the email that said Verizon iPhones were offered on prepaid and called a cab for the last time with my AT&T phone. When I arrived at the store I was immediately directed to a Verizon employee, and within 15 minutes I had a new number, my monthly phone plan set up, and my black 16GB iPhone 4S all set up, inside a protective case with the screen protector on!
It turns out that the guy I spoke to on the phone had been on leave for the week, so he didn’t receive the notice on the iPhone 4 and 4S being on prepaid. 
There was only 1 iPhone 4S case available in the Verizon store, so I guess it was fate that I visited today! The case is an Incipio SILICRYLIC With Acrylic Shell Case, and I’m glad it’s both hardcover and rubberised.

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