CC Cabin / Colorado College / sophomore year / Thanksgiving

Spanish Fiesta at the CC Cabin!

I just got back from our Spanish Fiesta at the CC Cabin! Our class left yesterday afternoon to stay overnight and celebrate Thanksgiving as a class. Walt, Andrew and I rode in Profe’s car, so we helped her get our (food) supplies and left campus at 2:45. We arrived at the cabin at around 3:30, and immediately got to work. Profe took charge of the Turkey, Walt was making the applesauce, Andrew took care of the Cuban black bean soup, and I chopped up the ingredients (chewing gum while slicing up onions DOES work!), made the sour cream + horseradish dip, and flavored the chicken with orange juice and garlic/onion/salt/pepper.
Everyone started arriving after 5, though I do admit to laughing when we saw them climb up the hill while carrying their sleeping bags and Spanish books – we three were lucky since Profe drove all the way up, to make sure we didn’t drop any ingredients!
We had an amazing time sharing a meal together, and we played games like Pictionary, Eat It!, and Trivial Pursuit until past 1am. I do think we regretted it the next day when around 6 alarm went off at different times – the earliest one went off at 7 in the morning!
After a lovely breakfast of bacon, pancakes (some with chocolate!), yoghurt, fruit salad and orange juice/milk/coffee, we had a 1 hour lesson on Condicional and Futuro tenses, packed up our bags, and said goodbye to the CC Cabin. I’m glad I got to stay at the CC Cabin for a second time, and I hope to go there one more time before I graduate! The view was definitely amazing as usual, though the cold winds didn’t make taking pictures easy!
We got back to campus at around 1:30pm, and it was such a nice day that I decided to (try and) study outside for the afternoon. At 24 degrees C, who knows when the next WARM and sunny day will be? I didn’t really get much studying done (too many fun things going on), but I did get some wonderful pictures of Fall (or Autumn) at CC!

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