Colorado College / sophomore year

Spanish 101… ¡Qué maravilla!

I’m a survivor (What?) 
I’m not goin’ give up (What?) 
I’m not goin’ stop (What?) I’m goin’ work harder (What?)
…If you didn’t know, that right there is the chorus to Survivor by Destiny’s Child…and currently what I’m blasting on my laptop right now. Because HELL YEAH, MY SPANISH FINALS ARE O-V-E-R!!!
We were told yesterday morning (just before we left the CC Cabin) to come to class at 8:30am. As normal college students, we protested at the early hour. Profe relented (like the wonderful person she is), and said we could come in between 8:30am-9:00am. People who wanted to come in earlier (weirdos, if you ask me…an extra 30 minutes of sleep? hell yeah!) were welcome to, but majority of us arrived at around 9am.

So, what did I do for that glorious afternoon, you ask? No, I did NOT spend my time outside enjoying the warmth of the sun, unlike other CC students (who were lucky enough to be finished with their own finals). I also did not spend it watching movies and funny clips on YouTube. I DID spend my afternoon….and my evening (up until around 1am-ish actually) studying for my finals, like a good student. When you learned 3 new verb tenses IN A DAY, you kinda have to study them a bit more to feel prepared.
People in the 3rd floor Study Lounge in Loomis were kind enough NOT to take a picture of me sleeping on my books, but I did manage to take a picture of part of what I had to study (it wouldn’t fit in my camera screen, fail)…I AM proud of my writing and color-coding though, it really came in handy when I needed to remember how to conjugate.
The good news? The final was only around 5 pages back to back, and at least 2 of those pages were just readings and multiple choice. The bad news? We had to listen and answer 15 questions that Profe recited out loud, PLUS answer 10 questions in a one-on-one session, using different verb tenses.
Lesson learnt? Conjugations are a pain, but Stem-Changing Verbs are HELL.ON.EARTH. WHY do they need to change spelling for every.single.conjugation…why?!

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