First day at Colorado Springs


Today we woke up at 8am. I felt human again after showering and changing clothes haha. Micki, the caretaker, told us that the house was built in the 1850s…it’s incredibly gorgeous and the books in the living room bookshelves are perfection – old and worn, they’re leather-bound and yellowish with age. I found many classics, including the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! Breakfast was yummy – I told Mikki my allergies yesterday night (egg, seafood) so she made me French toast – instead of using egg, she dipped it in apple juice! My parents had fritatas with muffins and sausages. Our “appetizer” was a bowl of honey dew, cantaloupe (melon) and blueberries…and a glass of fresh orange juice! 😀

We were supposed to go shopping at the Citadel mall at 11am but my parents fell alseep so we ended up leaving at 1pm instead. Our cab driver (from the Yellow Cab Company) was really funny – Patrick asked us “so which one is going to college?” My parents looked at each other and he repeated “so which girl is going to college?” My mom started laughing and pointed at me saying, “she is! we’re too old for college”, gesturing to herself and my dad. Patrick said “well he is” which totally made my mom’s day!

We went to AT&T to get my iPhone but apparently I needed an i.d. to open my account, so we’ll just have to come back another time (hopefully tomorrow). We had Japanese at the food court (yay, RICE!) and Orange Julius smoothies 😀 After buying medicine (I got a free, non-expiring membership, yay!) and checking out JC Penney, we went home. My parents slept again and since my knee was acting up, my mom walked alone down the street to the 7/11. She got me Combos! 😀

Tomorrow after breakfast we’ll be going to visit the campus to find out my schedule and hopefully, get my student id. so I can 1) get my phone and 2) open up a bank account – so I can set up a U.S. itunes account and register for Hulu Plus!

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