being awake for 48+ hours is NOT my idea of fun :|

The trip in total took 30+ hours. Wanna know why? Let me explain. I just want you to know what I’ve been awake since 8am Friday morning and its roughly 1pm Sunday in the Philippines…but anyways, we left the house at 4:30am and arrived at Hong Kong around 9ish. I had Mcdo for breakfast since I hate plane food. There was wi-fi in the lounge in Hong Kong so I got to talk to people like Raji and Gaby (special mention haha!)
The trip to L.A. was reaaaally long 😐 I watched a lot of TV Shows – ANTM Cycle 16, Glee, CSI: LV, etc. I was supposed to read a book for college orientation (it’s called Ludlow by David Mason, a CC professor) but I failed at that once I realized it was 212 pages…of freaking POETRY 😐
When we got to L.A. the lines in Immigration took three.freaking.hours…we had to run to catch a bus to another terminal and nearly missed our flight. When we got to Denver I had Mcdo…again…I felt so unhealthy haha! Anyways, the trip to Colorado Springs was only 16 minutes long! When we arrived there Ms. Annette (a parent representative of the CC Family Host program) took us to CC campus to get my orientation package. I got to see what CC looked like at night, and even walk up to my dorm room!
We finally made it to The Lennox House: Bed and Breakfast (located at 1339 North Nevada Ave.) and literally crashed after finding our room. My bed was a pull-out bed so it was pretty freaky pulling it out…I shall post pictures of the room and the house soon!

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