We’ll miss you, Moogle

It was 2 days ago when my dad told me that Moogle – my black-and-silver miniature schnauzer – wasn’t getting any better. His liver and gall bladder were slowly poisoning him, and it was best to put him to sleep now – when he still recognized us. Since I’m leaving for the states tomorrow, we decided to do it on Friday.
When I woke up I knew it was his last day, so I spent most of my morning with him. It was really difficult seeing him like this – incredibly thin, with hardly enough energy to move. When we brought him outside to the living room, he just lay down on the tiles. Yet the moment the doctor arrived, it was as if he knew what was happening.
He stood up, smelled the orchids, made one last round around the garden, drank some water and cuddled up to each of us. When yaya Baby brought out his pillow and blanket, it was hard for us to make him lie down. The worst part was when he yelped and struggled when the doctor gave him his injection – I will never look at purple the same way again (which sucks since it’s my favorite color). It was quick and the doctor promised us that it was painless. It was painful letting them take him away to be cremated, but as he was put in the box, I saw a black butterfly fly past us and over Moogle…and I always liked believing that butterflies were souls that came to visit us.
Hopefully Moogle is happy now, trying to catch the birds or sunbathing wherever he is. He will always be missed, even if he left us too soon.

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