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Sleepover Madness and "Mumsy knows best"

Yesterday (August 16) I went to Brent and arrived at 10:30am. I spoke to Mr. Richmond and got him to sign my Ganza (he even bought me a cinammon roll from the Lion Cafe!). Then I went up to say hi to the seniors studying IB History…turns out the new teacher, Ms. Zadoo, is really strict and wouldn’t let me enter the classroom. I sat in on the IB Geography Class and Mr. Barnes (I think that’s his name…everyone else called him Superman or Clark Kent in private) was SO different from Mr. Green that it’s impossible to compare the two! They were discussing Hazards that day – hurricanes in particular – so I zoned out for a bit since I never liked the topic (haha).
I ate lunch with Ralph (ACTUAL lunch, finally) and I bought some food from the Junior Council bakesale (though I told Jason to eat the brownies for me). After getting Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Jance to sign my Ganza, I met up with Rajdev (and thus, Tim) in the atrium at 2pm. We went to see Compton (and he wrote a column in my ganza), went to the Activities Office, and basically spent an HOUR waiting for Mark to arrive so we could say goodbye.
After we picked up Gaby we played Trivial Pursuit – then Tim and Cabs dropped by (apparently they were coming “for me”, according to my maid!). We gossiped and had dinner – vegetable curry and pita bread – watched a few Glee Project videos, and made kuwento 😀 We actually stayed up till almost 5am!
We woke up at 10:30, had breakfast – grilled cheese (and bacon for Gaby and I) – then watched more episodes of the Glee Project before Gaby left. Rajdev and I told scary stories until Tim picked her up (30 minutes late, just saying).
Three things worth remembering:
1. it IS possible to run out of kuwento!
2. sugar isn’t helpful after a while
…and 3. “Mumsy knows best”
Mother Gothel ©

Mother Gothel ©


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