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Senior Panel, Cibo & Fruity Fro-yo


Today Gaby and I went to visit Brent. We were able to talk to Compton and make him kuwento about our “productive” summers, and he talked to us a bit about what the Senior Panel would be like later in the afternoon. We met up with Rajdev and “the Bros” (Cabs, Tim, Seba, Karan, Mark) after doing errands for my mom. We visited Senor Bugarin’s room but instead a new Spanish teacher (Senor Jorje Alegre, according to Gaby) came out and spoke to us in Spanish! It would have been interesting to have been taught by him since he seems to be an actual Spaniard…I don’t think he spoke a single word of English to us!

Gaby, Rajdev and I had lunch with Ralph…or tried to at least. We went to the Lion’s Cafe and spoke to Richmond (after finding out that he plans to leave next school year, SADFACE) and Carla, Gaby’s sister. Then we went outside so Raji could speak to Julia. I also spoke to Jason about Pottermore. Then we went back inside to force Ralph to eat…turns out we did more talking than eating, and I think Ralph was late for his last block (ITGS).

We went back to the Guidance area and sat outside the counselors’ rooms, talking to Mr. and Mrs. Levno with the rest of the ex-seniors (and new arrivals like Dani, Crystal and Pilar). After that, we sat in the Upper School Office area and got our graduation pictures. Gaby, Tim, Raji and I visited Ms. Lea, Tita Kathy and Coach Nik in the Activities Office – I wish this year’s Softball girlies good luck, especially in TOT Fastpitch Softball! Tita Kathy made me feel special when she said she didn’t know what to do without me and my pitching haha!

Seba, Cabs and I finally found Senor Bugarin in U306 (the Teacher’s Lounge) and apparently he was sharing the room with another Korean teacher since there are a lot more people taking Korean as a language this year. Ab Initio is also harder this year since the students have to do a 300-word written commentary w/o a dictionary or his help (after watching a movie or listening to a radio show).

The Senior Panel began at 2:45, and Seba, Cabs and I arrived just in time for the seniors to go out and have snacks. Apparently Karan was promoted to “bouncer”. Until 4:15, the seniors did excercises we ex-seniors remembered so well: Mrs. Levno made them play the GPA Line-up game, and they had the same powerpoint presentations about college applications. They also graded essays as accepted (1), wait-listed (1) or rejected (2). At 4:15 we – Gaby, Cabs, Tim, Raji, Ben, Pilar and I – were given the floor. The counselors asked us questions, followed by the seniors asking us questions. We ended at 4:50, just in time for the seniors to catch the bus.

Tim, Raji, Ben, Gaby and I decided to meet up at ATC for dinner. We ended up eating in Cibo – Gaby and I had our usuals (shared spinach dip, a red grape shake, and telefono pasta for her, bolognese for me). Ben had lamb chops, Raji had a “la terra” pasta, and Tim had both the pragga panini and a bolognese…with iced tea. We had problems with the bill and owed Raji p700 (turns out it was the tax).
We went to Fruity Fro-yo after dinner, but only the boys had space in their tummies for more food 😀 After playing with the water cups and the coins for around an hour, Tim offered to drop Gaby and I home…”to help the environment”. It was crazy going to Gaby’s house coz we kept giving him different directions, but we managed. I for one, would love to ride in a car again with Tim as the driver – it was hilarious! Then he dropped me home, and after greeting my parents I found a package from Nico da Silva on my mom’s desk.

It turned out to be his surprise Harry Potter gift – a polo with the Hogwarts crest, and small notebooks of each of the four Houses! From the picture you can tell I’m a Ravenclaw at heart – didn’t want to cover that side of the chest though, since it would cover the crest – though Slytherin is a close second haha!
“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

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