Club Mwah

Yesterday, August 6, my family (meaning my grandparents, my dad’s siblings and their kids) and I went to Club Mwah – Manila’s premier “performance theater and club”. We left Alabang at 7:30 because we thought there would be traffic, but we arrived at the club at 8:30…the show started at 10:00 so for the 1 and 1/2 hours we waited, we ate sausages and french fries (well, the kids did). We were also allowed to have alcohol but I just ordered a non-alcoholic shirly temple (it came with a cherry!).
The “girls” (men dressed in drag) started going around to greet the guests at around 9:30. The ones who came to our sofa/table area were Maya, Mia, Naomi and Aya. It was funny because they kept calling Manolo (my brother) and my guy cousins to have pictures with them – one of them even pulled Manolo on “her” lap!

The show was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They performed songs like “And I Am Telling You”, Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”, and Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango”. They did this Indian dance and people were in an actual life-size elephant suit! 😀
We weren’t allowed to take pictures or videos during the performance (sadly) but we got pictures with the “girls” before the show!

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