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Pottermore Magical Quill Clue: Day 3

I’m a proud Potterhead, always have been. When I heard that Jo Rowling (haha, *feeling close*) was going to create a website for HP called “Pottermore” (http://www.pottermore.com/), I was all ears – until I realized I had to wait till it officially “opened” in October. So when I heard that there would be a Magical Quill Clue Contest, I just had to participate.
Basically the contest runs from July 31st (Harry Potter’s birthday) to August 6th (no official importance to the HP world). Each day – at no specified time – a clue would be published on the site and fans like me would scramble to answer it. Each day would have a question from one of the books – thus August 31st had a Book 1 clue, etc. The first 3 days would have difficult questions, and the last 4 days would have easy questions – this is because only the first 1 million to answer correctly would be eligible for an “Easy Access” pass.
Once you’ve figured out the answer, type it after http://quill.pottermore.com/ and you’ll have to somehow find the magical quill. I was able to answer the first day’s clue right away, yet I still haven’t received the confirmation email. I was panicking because your account expires if you don’t confirm after 48 hours. So I decided to try again using my gmail account on Day 3.
…I got the confirmation email mere minutes after registering for Pottermore. Lesson learned? USE GMAIL, since apparently Yahoo! isn’t as reliable as I thought it would be.
P.S. If you have a Pottermore account, salve from CauldronShadow144! (I didn’t pick the name)

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