first post / Philippines



Gaby Garcia and I decided to make a blog to record our college experience (of course, including breaks like summer and winter). We wanted to be able to post comments about our daily (or weekly) happenings through “diary entries”, pictures and videos. We originally planned on making the blogs a week before we left – to leave us enough time to “pretty them up”. Since we’re currently having a sleepover at Gaby’s house (looking at themes already because we’re OCD like that), we decided to make our blogs now so we could write our first posts together. It was fun choosing the themes together (we picked the same top 2 without realizing, as usual), but (again, as usual) it was EXTREMELY difficult to pick a title for our blogs…or the quote at the bottom. 
We’re in the same room – which normally means our brains somehow weirdly connect – so let’s see how close our first posts are to each other’s, words-wise 😀

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